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Pt 2. Dominic Rosacci’s Experience with ROQ Culture

We got the chance to have a chat with long time printer, business owner, sustainability superstar, and #ROQStar Partner Dominic Rosacci, owner of Superior Ink in Denver, CO, about his screen printing & automation journey, as well as his experience with ROQ & ROQ's Culture.

To check out Pt. 1, which focused on his automation journey, click here. In this blog, for Pt. 2, we’ll dive into Dom’s experience with ROQ, ROQ Culture, and what’s on the horizon for his print business, Superior Ink.

Q: How does ROQ help facilitate and/or elevate Your lifestyle?

Dominic Rosacci: ROQ is tremendously helpful. The relationship that I have personally with ROQ goes over many years, starting with Ryan (Moor), but I will tell you, and I'm not advocating this for ROQ because this is big shoes to fill, but there's not one other company/manufacturer/supplier in which I know every name of every person [working at the company], ya know? We have a relationship where we've traveled together. We've attended trade shows together. They've done installations. We just have such a deep relationship and it's created so many opportunities for me to partner with a company like that. It's pretty cool to be able to call them partners but also friends. I just don't have that relationship with any other supplier industry. It's very unique.

Superior Ink Employee Printing

Q: Can You describe your experience with Your installation process working with the ROQ.US Tech Team?

Dominic Rosacci: ROQ culture is unique in that it's very young energy. It's not young energy meaning inexperienced, it's just young – it's exciting. When we receive new equipment and the techs come out, I get the impression that they're just as excited as we are and it’s very communal. It’s a unique culture, a lot of the ROQ techs are super into fitness, and it's a very excitable moment when they're all in our facility because it's also an opportunity for us to catch up –being good friends– and a lot of the time we only see each other at trade shows or traveling. So, when they're actually in our house or our studio, that's time for us to catch up and also be excited collectively about getting a new toy and new equipment and they're just as stoked to get it up and running as we are to have it. So it's pretty unique.

Q: What do you believe people get wrong about ROQ, if anything, and what do they get right, if anything?

Dominic Rosacci: I can't think of an example of what people would get wrong because I don't think that there's a whole lot. I haven't experienced any negativity or misconceptions. I think it's pretty true across the board. I think that what they claim to have they back it up, and I think it's very methodical about the technology and the research and development that goes into the equipment before they bring it to market, so I don't think there are any wrong perceptions. In terms of right perceptions, I would say the word on the street is, “Is ROQ capable of the same tech support as an American based company?”, which they are now. So, I would say kind of like a straight line of truth across the board is the perception that I have.

Q: How can ROQ.US improve to provide you with the best #GreenGloveExperience as #YourPartnerInPrint?

Dominic Rosacci: Just keep doing what they're doing. They're doing an excellent job and they're well disciplined. The bones and the foundation of what it takes to have good support and to have good product just carries through. So, I don't think there needs to be anything that's changed. I think they need to keep doing what they're doing because they're doing a damn good job.

Q: What's next/what’s coming up for Superior Ink?

Dominic Rosacci: To just keep pushing to really add value to every relationship that we have and continue to grow in a smart way and invest in new technology once that technology is proven. We never want to be the guinea pigs of anything new to the industry – we want time for it to prove itself. I think there's a lot of excitement around AI and new technology overall, but, going back to trusting my gut, I think that it's good to grow and evolve and adapt to the market at your own pace and not jump the gun on anything because that can be dangerous. So, just keep doing what we do and everything that we do good try to do better and everything that we do bad try to do better too.


More on Dominic: Along with owning Superior Ink, a full package wholesale screen printing and design company in Denver, CO., Dominic is also co-founder of the sustainability focused tee shirt brand Allmade Apparel, and has integrated eco-conscious decisions into Superior Ink’s process and operation to help offset their carbon footprint, earning Superior Ink the first and only certified green apparel business title with the City of Denver. Go Dominic! We’re proud to Partner with like minded businesses like Yours, that take action for their passion to make our world a greener & healthier planet.

Dominic Rosacci

You can stay up to date with Dominic and Superior Ink at @superiorink on Instagram or at their website!

Thank You, Dominic, for sharing Your insight, #ROQing this industry sustainably, and choosing #ROQ as Your #PartnerInPrint. We couldn’t be more grateful & proud to have You on #TeamGreen!




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