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Affect Your Audience with
a Special Effect

These special effects are some of the unusual techniques applied during the screen printing process that give the finished product a different look, feeling, and touch. 


ROQ Foil is an accessory that ROQ created in order to apply foil within the workflow of its screen-printing machines. Foil is in the category of what the screen-printing world calls “special effects”. 



Foil has the look of metallic paper. It is “stamped” on a textile surface by using heat. Usually, this is done by a heat press and an operator dedicated to this task.

With ROQ’s technology, you save 90% of  time and all the labor cost. This is achieved because our ROQ FOIL works connected with any ROQ screen printing machine, thus eliminating the need for a dedicated operator.



ROQ has created the ROQ Flock, a closed flocking station that applies flock using static electricity keeping your shop clean, with automatic application and the best quality.

Flock is in the category of what in the screen printing world is called “special effects”. Special effects are some unusual technics applied during the screen printing process that gives the finished product a different look, feeling, and touch. This is a way of increasing dramatically the value of a piece. Some examples of these technics are glitter, the 3D, the foil, and in this specific case the flock.

In the past, this could have been a complicated process. These days with the ROQ Flock it is just another screen in your ROQ screen printing machine.

The ROQ FLOCK is synchronized with the central system of the screen printing machine, and it runs without the need of an operator, saving the labor cost. The operator of the machine just needs to make sure the ROQ FLOCK does not run out of Flock.


TUNE IN! ROQ Shop Talk: Episode 5 -- Foil, Special Effects, and Simulated Processes in Screen Printing.


For Episode 5 of #ROQShopTalk, President & General Manager Ross Hunter, Creative Director Merrill Capps of ROQ.US are joined by screen printing legend Jon Weiss of New Buffalo Shirt to discuss Foil, Special Effects, and Simulated Processes in Screen Printing. 

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With consistent high production speeds, durable chassis for a very long life of production and integrated special effects features such as automatic flock and automatic foil there isn't much the ECO can't do when it comes to screen printing.


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