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Your Vision. Funded.

When You leverage our strong relationship with our official Finance Partner CIT, you'll rest assured knowing you'll be working with the top financial resources and leaders in our industry who truly understand our industry with an unparalleled track record.

 *Only single inquiry on your credit

Benefits of Financing


Your Growth

We exist to fuel and support your healthiest growth we’re confident in the award-winning engineering and longevity built into the automated solutions we provide.


Your Partnership

As #YourPartnerInPrint, we’re in it with you through the long haul, and we mean to demonstrate that from day one.


Your Future

When you build your house on the ROQ, you propel from a solid foundation of integrity coupled with dependable automation for many years to come.


Your Decisions

We acknowledge and respect all the factors and time you spend with your decision making for your business. We know this is a big step for your operation and we want you to enjoy your journey without worry.


Your Success

We honor the privilege of you investing in your success with us, and we are in business to invest in you and our continued partnership to ensure you #PressOnward to the next chapter of your adventure with the comfort of a protected tomorrow so you can freely focus on the tasks of today.

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Who Qualifies?

Established Business 2 years business history and FICO above 620 //

Startup Business Less than 2 years business history and FICO 720+

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"Kris with CIT has been extremely helpful. We've been conversing even at night and on the weekends. He's always there, very responsive. It was easy."

Denise and Steve Mangini of Primal Tee Shop

With the Fastest Setups in the Market, powered by ROQ Automation, backed by Award-Winning #ROQSolid Reliability,You’re Already Part of the Winner’s Circle.


By taking advantage of Section 179 of the tax code, you stand to save thousands of dollars on your investment with this deduction’s hefty savings!

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