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The ROQ E Automatic Screen Printing Press: Simply, #ConnectAndPrint.

MakE thE Switch to GrEEn with EasE. ElEctrify Your Prints.
ElEctrify Your BusinEss. 


Finally, an industrial press for printing businesses of all sizes.

Break free from the noise of third-party, external air compressors; the brand new ROQ E Automatic Screen Printing Press operates with one simple electric connection.

The newest undisputed heavy-weight champion in the screen printing industry

has made its claim: the first of its kind self-contained ROQ E Automatic Screen

Printing Press!


Join us to Test Drive the ROQ E at
Impressions Expo: Atlantic City, NJ - March 21-23



The ROQ E rethinks and enhances automatic screen printing, offering the first-of-its-kind self-contained functionality that eliminates the need for third-party air supply, ensuring the iconic ROQ-quality prints You’re known for are produced without external dependencies.

Brand-Building Performance

Backed by ROQ.US's exclusive #ROQSolidWarranty, the ROQ E guarantees fierce performance, designed for high-volume printing without concerns about downtime or costly repairs. It's engineered for maximum performance, ensuring peace of mind with comprehensive coverage.


Reduced air capacity to include reducing air capacity needs means an onboard air supply. The benefits of an electric press, without compromising on setup and registration time and efficiency.

With simplified connectivity to electric power, the ROQ E streamlines printing setups for high-speed, high-tech demands, ensuring seamless operation and automatic efficiency, setting the standard for unrelenting reliability and prowess.


Accelerating production with rapid index speeds up to 900 prints per hour, the ROQ E's cutting-edge capabilities redefine the printing landscape, bringing hallmark ROQ quality and Ease of use closer than ever, setting new benchmarks in innovation and operational excellence.


The ROQ E's sleek design houses an ultra-quiet built-in air supply, ensuring a premium, noise-free experience for Your star customers. Offering 8 or 10 stations with up to 8 colors and low-profile platen arms, it redefines versatility, including effortless sleeve printing.


Elevate Your prints and expand Your margins with the ROQ E today and tomorrow, signaling a paradigm shift in automatic screen printing and establishing Your business as a trailblazer in the industry.





- Production: 900 indexes per hour

- Easy to operate

- Requires Only Electric Connection to Operate 

- Ultra-Quiet Air Supply Built-In

- Low Profile Platen Arms for easy Sleeve Printing

- Available in 8 Station & 10 Station Configuration

- Available up to 8 Colors


Fill out your free no-obligation application to find out what automated solutions are already within your grasp right now & #PressOnward with #YourPartnerInPrint!


Connect with My Automated Solutions Specialist for more details on the ROQ E

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