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Log in to our new Support Portal and submit a Service Request

Once you fill out the form, please allow up to 24 hours to receive a reply from your Technician.

If you are having issues with logging in, or don't have an account yet, please email


See Below For Instructions

If you receive an error message while setting up your password, it may have expired by now. But no biggie! If this happens, the next couple steps are all you need to do to #PressOnward:


Once you click on the link below, you'll be able to enter your email. After entering your info, you'll be sent a new password link to set your new password for the ROQ Service Portal.


Remember to save your username and password and share your credentials with your Team so they may submit a Service Request whenever needed.

Once complete, we strongly encourage you to go directly to your new ROQ Service Portal website and bookmark it for the future. Use the button below to login from now on & ROQ on!


If you have any further issues logging in, please contact: We appreciate your understanding and we look forward to continuing to provide you only with the #GreenGloveExperience you deserve.

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