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The STAMPINATOR attached to a ROQ YOU automatic screen printing press.
Stampinator logo

480 Shirts Per Hour --
All Within the Confines
of Your Current Setup.

Slant Engineering's Stampinator 480 is a powerful wolf in sheep's clothing. Being able to fit seamlessly and discreetly on your ROQ, the Stampinator combines multiple shop-saving functions in one mammoth machine.


By incorporating this in-line heat press, you will reach full automation with your screen printing automatic press and be able to jump from 20 shirts per hour to a head-shaking 480 shirts per hour -- all within the confines of your current setup.

With reliable precision every time, the Stampinator empowers you to offer premium add-ons like rhinestones, twill, foil, and more. The laser-like heat transfers, flawless curing, expert stamping & matting fibers, clean stamping of the under base, and screen printing numbers, vinyl, and cad-cut, will 24-X your production without any loss of quality your brand is known for.

SUPA STAMP Graphic with a race car with the number 23 on the door, branded ROQ and Supacolor.

Connect with My Automated Solutions Specialist for more details on the STAMPINATOR

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