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The Industry's #1 Warranty Program


3 Year ROQ Solid Coverage Now Available on ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryers!





With the #ROQSolid program, you can rest assured you’ll be positioned to ROQ your customers' experience no matter what happens. We’ve got you and your operation protected with premier Green Glove Service.

The screen printing industry has always been one of the fastest-moving, and it’s growing exponentially. 

To keep up with turnaround pace and expanding customer demand, there’s simply no room to afford downtime due to technical issues.


How does this work?

Simply ROQ with us!

Fill out a service request with the general issue.

We ask you to use your ROQ Service Portal so we can properly document and track the issue to get you back in production as quickly as possible.

Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 10.13.36 PM.png

All ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Presses come with three full years of coverage – now that same protection has widened even further to include the ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryer!

We offer this added protection for several
crucial reasons:


Your Growth

We exist to fuel and support your healthiest growth we’re confident in the award-winning engineering and longevity built into the automated solutions we provide.


Your Partnership

As #YourPartnerInPrint, we’re in it with you through the long haul, and we mean to demonstrate that from day one.


Your Future

When you build your house on the ROQ, you propel from a solid foundation of integrity coupled with dependable automation for many years to come.


Your Decisions

We acknowledge and respect all the factors and time you spend with your decision making for your business. We know this is a big step for your operation and we want you to enjoy your journey without worry.


Your Success

We honor the privilege of you investing in your success with us, and we are in business to invest in you and our continued partnership to ensure you #PressOnward to the next chapter of your adventure with the comfort of a protected tomorrow so you can freely focus on the tasks of today.

To streamline your auto installation process, we invite you to download your free copy of The Auto Installation Success Guide eBook, so you can find out precisely what is needed to be prepared for a seamless installation of your new (*or new-to-you) ROQ equipment.


An ROI-inspired machine protected by 3 full Years of an unmated ROQ SOLID Warranty, peace of mind for hundreds of thousands of prints to come.

Professional racing star Kasey Kahne has been driving ovals of success for nearly two decades: initially the rubber-skidded oval racetrack – his foundation, and now, the ROQ OVAL Automatic Screen Printing Press – his proven engine sitting under the hood of the growing screen printing arm of his expanding empire.

Continue to focus on your awesome business and we’ll handle the rest for you.

With ROQ.US’s exclusive ROQ Solid Warranty, coupled with the fact that these machines are designed to perform at maximum efficiency for hundreds of thousands to millions of prints, you’ll be positioned to reach and remain at the top of your game with total peace of mind with the knowledge that If anything happens, you don’t pay for the part(s), the shipping, the tech time, and the ROQ technician’s travel when needed.


What about coverage for other ROQ equipment outside of automatic presses?

ROQ.US has powerful warranties ranging from 1-10 years on all the other equipment we offer.

We welcome you to check out equipment specs and reach out to your dedicated Automated Solutions Specialist for further details.

Can I purchase additional warranties?

Certain product manufacturers offer warranties of their own.


With LOTUS HOLLAND, for example, you are covered for one year, and additional warranty programs may be available for purchase per individual request.


LOTUS HOLLAND machines retain optimal functionality (aside from normal wear & tear) for years to come!


Where can I find further information?

We are always on standby, so feel free to reach out to us any time and we’ll help you #PressOnward right away!

Our F.A.Q. page has some of the most user-friendly solutions available 24/7 at your fingertips. We highly recommend checking them out here!

For more details what the ROQ Solid 3 Year Warranty can do for you and your business, fill out the form below and your Automated Solutions Specialists will be in touch right away!

Connect with Your Automated Solutions Specialist for more details on the ROQ Solid Warranty

Tell us more about your print set up

Thanks for reaching out!

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