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Automatic Printing made to
FIT Anywhere.

Are you ready to 4-5X your production capacity? 


// Smallest Footprint of a Carousel ( "Star” )

ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Press


// +1,000 Prints per Hour


// Made to FIT in Your Home’s Garage


// Print Sleeves, Tags, and up to 4 Color Prints on

up to 8 Platens

FOLD Green. STACK Green.

Automate Your Finishing & Fulfillment to Slash Your Labor Cost by 80%, Expedite & Boost ROI, and Help Sustain the Environment!


The Auto Press Built for YOU.

What could the most trailblazing automatic screen printing press in its class do for YOUr Business? 

// Level Platen Rotation with .0001 Index Precision

// Oversized Printing Capability

// +1,000 Prints per Hour

// Industry-Leading Setup Times with the ROQ REG Positive Registration Unit (PRU) System



The NEXT Best Thing in
Screen Printing.

What Could a 20% Increase in Productivity Do for Your Bottom Line? 


// Go-To Platen Functionality with the Unstoppable Chain Drive System


// Independent Printhead Lift 


// Optimized for Special FX Printing 


// Future-Proof with Digital HYBRID Capabilities


// +1,200 Prints per Hour