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Go Green the Simple Way. GO Green to Save Your Green. GO Green to Make More Green.

Experience the smoothest transition to printing greatness with ROQ. Unlock the pathway to unparalleled performance with Your free comprehensive 5-step #GOGreen Guide & redefine Your success.

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ROQ FIT Automatic Screen Printing press


Automatic Printing made to
FIT Anywhere.

Are you ready to 4-5X your production capacity? 


// Smallest Footprint of a Carousel ( "Star” )

ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Press


// +1,000 Prints per Hour


// Made to FIT in Your Home’s Garage


// Print Sleeves, Tags, and up to 4 Color Prints on

up to 8 Platens


The Auto Press Built for YOU.

What could the most trailblazing automatic screen printing press in its class do for YOUr Business? 

// Level Platen Rotation with .0001 Index Precision

// Oversized Printing Capability

// +1,000 Prints per Hour

// Industry-Leading Setup Times with the ROQ REG Positive Registration Unit (PRU) System

ROQ YOU automatic screen printing press
ROQ NEXT automatic screen printing press.


The NEXT Best Thing in
Screen Printing.

What Could a 20% Increase in Productivity Do for Your Bottom Line? 


// Go-To Platen Functionality with the Unstoppable Chain Drive System


// Independent Printhead Lift 


// Optimized for Special FX Printing 


// Future-Proof with Digital HYBRID Capabilities


// +1,200 Prints per Hour


Fastest setups in the industry.

The ROQ Carousel Made to Meet Your Need for Printing Speed.


Is Your Business Well-Positioned for those High-End, More Complex, and More Lucrative Prints? 


//Off-the-charts speeds 10-15% faster than the ROQ NEXT & 25-30% faster than the ROQ YOU blast your production rates into a dizzying hyperdrive.

// +1,600 Prints per Hour / +2,000 with FLY Mode


// Integrated Special FX like FLOCK & FOIL


// Digital Micro-registration Display on Every Print Head

ROQ ECO automatic screen printing press.


A ROQ Automatic Unlike Any Other. 

Could You Imagine Being Able to Print 2 Jobs Simultaneously? 


// Print More Colors


// Adaptable to Unique Spaces with its Elliptical Shape for a Wider Competitive Edge.


// The Only Scalable Auto Press – The Modular Design Allows Future Growth in Colors and Platens -- Available At Any Point In Time, Enabling You to Exponentially Increase Your Automation, thus Future-Proofing Your Business.


// AC servo-motor rotation system.


// +950 Prints per Hour


The Conveyor Dryer that Runs on Natural Gas, Propane, &/or Electricity. 

Can Your Dryer Work Double-Time? With Max Efficiency? 


// Fully Customizable with Your Own “Recipes” for Simple & Quick Button Functionality


// Independent Split-Belt Control to Cure Different Ink & Garment Types at the Same Time


// Digital Touch Screen for Holistic Control


// Your Investment Protected with the 3 Year ROQ Solid Warranty


// Cure All Garment & Ink Types: Water Based / Plastisol / Digital

ROQ Sahara conveyor dryer


The Technological Bridge to Your Prosperous Printing Future. 

Can You Picture the Reaction You’ll Get when You Present Photo-Quality Prints to Your Customers? 


// Consolidate a 5 Station Process (Pre-Treatment, Drying, Pre-Pressing, Digital White, Digital CMYK) down to a Single Simple Step with the ROQ NOW Fully Digital Automatic Printer.


// +200 Unique Prints per Hour with the ROQ NOW


// Unlock The Best of Both Printing Worlds: Digital & Screen – all Made Possible with the ROQ HYBRID Digital Automatic Printer


// Enhance Your Screen Printed Special Effects like Glitter, FOIL, FLOCK, & 3D Elements with the ROQ HYBRID


Save Thousands in Labor and Exponentially Grow Capacity by Automating Your Finishing with ROQ’s Award-Winning Fulfillment & Finishing Machines. 

What if Your Finishing & Fulfillment Process Wasn’t Slow, Labor-Intensive, & Costly? 

// ROQ Your Fulfillment Your Way – Configure Your Layout with the Shape that Best Suits Your Needs


// Automatically Produce Over 650 Garments Expertly Folded, Stacked, and Packed with the ROQ FOLD, ROQ STACK & ROQ PACK.


// Delivered Out-the-Door-Ready Packages Every Hour, On Demand, With 80% Less Labor Expenses.

EXILE pre press solution

Pre Press

With the latest darkroom technology, you’ll automate some of the most time-consuming and production-throttling processes in screen printing.


Post Press

Turn one of the worst jobs in screen printing into one of the easiest. Protect your staff and shop floor from harmful chemicals.



ROQ ECO automatic screen printing press

The Ultimate Screen Printing Machines

The robust versatility of the ROQ Auto Press Entourage positions You to handle whatever comes Your way with ease.

We appreciate the magnitude of the business path you’ve chosen. With the numerous options available, it can easily and quickly feel overwhelming when weighing the pros and cons. We believe in consolidating into a simpler approach – one comprised of award-winning automation that has consistency, scalability, and innovative reliability embedded into its very design. 

We’ve outlined an overview of the ROQ automatic screen printing press fleet to take out a significant amount of time to help you #PressOnward sooner than later.

ROQ Shop Talk The Podcast

One of the most-listened to shows in the decorated apparel industry, our show talks best practices, fun anecdotes, and the latest cutting-edge technology in our field to kick Your Printing gears into hyperdrive.

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ROQ YOU automatic screen priting press










ROQ Solid 3 Year Warranty



Early on, we made a conscious decision to eradicate the word "customer" from our vocabulary. ROQ.US has no customers -- we only do business with Partners.

A customer is someone on one end of a transaction, but a Partner is a companion. A Partner is an ally.


A Partner is a trusted friend who is invested in the journey with you. That long-term camaraderie is what we aim to provide for our Partners.

As we continue to roll out the green carpet for you, we're honored to introduce you to our current roster of ROQ.US Referral Partners. These industry leaders are valued ROQ.US family members as You are and we're excited to bring You together with them to reinforce the product/service muscle behind your operation.

Distributing Partners

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