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ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Press

For over 35 years, ROQ has trailblazed the global textile, digital, & screen printing industries with cutting-edge innovation inspired by decades of real-world application. The ROQ automatic press fleet streamlines the most time-consuming aspects of screen printing while simultaneously turbocharges overall production at significantly lower cost. When you build on sand, you drift away with the tide. When you build on ROQ, you stand on a solid foundation of integrity coupled with dependable automation for years to come.

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The ROQ doesn’t get tired, hangry, or call in sick. It is always ready to ROQ! The transition from the manual to the auto was simple, and it allows all of us who operate it to be uniform with printing. We have found that we can take what we learn off of each machine and apply it to the other to become better printers. One of the best things about the ROQ though, is the cleanup. The ROQ just doesn’t accidently drop the squeegee in the ink, it keeps it exactly where you set it, and with that we have been able to reduce the amount of tape we use and clean up screens quickly using less cleaning supplies.

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- Special Product Announcement -
2020 product of the year winnerS!

We are proud to announce The ROQ Fold, Pack, & Label Solution Suite as well as The Lotus Holland EVO Compact Auto Screen Reclaim as the 2020 Product of the Year Winners!

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