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Always be ready for whatever is next with the ROQ NEXT. 

Allow Us To Introduce You to The NEXT Best Thing In Screen Printing

Watch our amazing partners at T-Shirt Labs streamline their production at the game changing push of a button with the ROQ NEXT Automatic Screen Printing Press.

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+ Expand the plus signs to learn the NEXT Press Features that help T-Shirt Labs lead the pack.


Meet T-Shirt Labs

T-Shirt Labs, our Partner based in Clearwater, FL, is an award winning Screen Printing & Embroidery Company that specializes in e-commerce and promotional fulfillment with super quick turnarounds.

As a business that is constantly innovating, T-Shirt Labs utilizes the power and ease of the ROQ NEXT to maximize their customer experience and they’ve become one of the most successful t-shirt printing companies. 

ROQ NEXT Resources

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NEXT Chapter

Learn how the improved capabilities of the ROQ NEXT can increase your shop's efficiency and overall ROI


Template Download

Access our exclusive How-To Video and our official ROQ REG Illustrator Template to streamline your process for optimal performance.


Secure Your NEXT Press to
Secure Your NEXT Success.

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ROQ NEXT Channel

Featuring a dual-chain drive system, the ROQ NEXT enables Go-To Platen.

Features for simple setup, print-from-screen functionality for quick strike offs, and faster indexing for cycles up to a blurring 1,200 pieces per hour.

The independent lift head functionality further increases production speed.

Optimizing each print stroke and speed individually while boosting performance for easy FLOCK, FOIL, and other attachments to be added into the machine.

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If you are a growing, innovating, and efficiency-minded print shop, the NEXT is the perfect machine for you today with the power of tomorrow embedded into its DNA.

With digital hybrid capabilities built into the design, your NEXT enables you to stand ahead even before the market changes -- so whatever shows up NEXT, you can rest assured knowing that you'll be ready.


One of the most powerful tools we have for building wealth is the tried and true principle of compounding. By compounding your efforts through automation, your production capacity and efficiency has the potential to reach astronomical figures.

You’re invited to use our interactive ROI calculator at the link below to illustrate how your investment can perform for your bottom line. 


Big, small, long, or all over, the NEXT has you covered with a print stroke that maximizes around 40”.

One of the newest screen printing machines on the market, the ROQ NEXT, was built with unique features which only exist in the upper echelon of ROQ machines. Its improved features are responsible for a staggering 20% increase in productivity, featuring XL print models, an individual print head lifting system, & a chain-driven servo rotation system.

The vision for the ROQ NEXT came from the idea to combine the chain drive and independent head control of a ROQ ECO with the simple wide-open format of a

From this fruitful ground, the ROQ NEXT creates a new line of automatic screen printing presses at a functional price point built to advance your shop with maximum speed, efficiency, and swift return on investment -- all with a plug-and-play interface.

The ROQ NEXT is a perfect blend of driven performance and intuitive design that aligns with your preferred workflow.


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Insightful Download

Get professional insight on what is needed for the installation process with our free Auto Installation Success Guide eBook. ​

With the ROQ.US Tech Teams' guarantee to provide the best experience possible, and with this informative eBook that gives you a rundown of what planning and executing your next ROQ install will look like so you can adequately prepare for a smooth installation, you will be able to exponentially increase production and profits asap by getting back to doing what you do best with your new ROQ… print!


3 Year ROQ Solid Coverage
Now available on ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryers!

Parts: covered. Shipping: covered. Labor: covered. *Necessary Technician travel: covered.


What’s the NEXT chapter in your epic adventure?
A noble quest like yours has no time to be lost to unreliable equipment or obsolete processes.


Your business demands and deserves faster setups, easier printing operations, and future-proof digital strategies that streamline your enterprise so you can focus your creative energy where it's needed most -- on your terms. Fill out your info below to unleash what's NEXT for your business.

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