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Automate Your Pre-Press Department. Start Fast to Finish Faster.

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The unique vertical design of the V-Lux Exposure unit allows for simple and easy loading and unloading of a screen, using integrated rails to maintain the proper exposure distance from the LED light source.


The unit is built with computer-to-screen in mind, and when combined with EXILE’s Spyder system ensures high quality results. Just insert the screen, press a button (or use automated mode) and your screen is exposed with the correct spectrum of UV light.


Designed for Computer-to-Screen // Lamp life of 50,000 hours or more // Optimized UV LEDs for low energy consumption // LCD Touch Screen for fully automatic or manual operation.


Lead Time: 6 Weeks

For all specifications and additional features, click below and download your free brochure.

Illustrator Template

Access your official ROQ REG Illustrator Template & How To Video. 


Fill out the form at the link below to unlock our exclusive free registration video in partnership with fellow awesome ROQrs at In-House Prints, along with our official ROQ REG Illustrator Template to streamline your process for optimal performance.

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3 Year ROQ Solid Coverage
Now available on ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryers!

Parts: covered. Shipping: covered. Labor: covered.
*Technician travel: covered.

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