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FITs through Your door. FITs in Your budget. Get the ROQ FIT right now on sale for $39,995 - Click Here!

FIT in Everywhere.

The ROQ FIT may be your first auto or the ultimate companion for your larger press built to FIT, built to print, built to last, and built to blast you into the power of screen printing automation.

Easy Entry.

Automate Your way into screen printing with a press that’s not only fast, but has a smaller footprint than other autos, and is super-easy to learn.

Photograph of Fingers Duke print shop with their 2 ROQ automatic screen printing presses.

Fingers Duke

Our PNW-based inspiring partners, Fingers Duke, offers full-service graphic design along with their screen printing studio to wow their eclectic clientele.


Being committed to showcasing the talents of great Northwest artists and designers, Fingers Duke supports local art and artists. With a portion of each print sale going directly to the contributing artist or designer, their artists maintain 100& ownership of their original works!

On a Budget? 



If you are ROQing solo and in a garage, it FITs, and it will soon turn your garage into a high-end cutting-edge t-shirt printing factory.

Printing Solo in 
a Garage?



If you are working with a budget, it FITs, with the closest point of entry into having the power of ROQ automation in your hands.

In Need of a Supporting Press?



If it's next to your bigger auto, it FITs, at index speeds of up to 1,100 pieces per hour, it keeps up with the sleeves, tags, and simple prints you don’t want your main press to do.