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ROQ.US Official "Press Release": The ROQ FIT

For our latest #PressRelease, we are thrilled to announce the world premiere of the much-anticipated ROQ Fit Automatic Screen Printing Press.

ROQ.US President Ross Hunter invites you to follow his unboxing video below to follow how easy this press is to bring into your space.

When your mission inevitably launches into the final frontier, physical space usually comes at a premium... but not in this case.

The ROQ Fit may be your first auto or the ultimate companion for your larger press -- built to Fit, built to print, built to last, and built to blast you to the next level in your business.

If you are ROQing solo and in a garage, it Fits, and it will soon turn your garage into a high-end cutting-edge t-shirt printing factory.

If it's next to your bigger auto, it Fits, at index speeds of up to 1,100 pieces per hour, it prints so fast that it keeps up with the sleeves, tags, and simple prints you don’t want your main press to do.

If you’re on a budget, it Fits, and while it’s designed for smaller spaces, don’t be fooled by its modest size -- there’s nothing modest about the speed and efficiency this beast packs under the hood. And as the age-old adage [sort of] goes, “If the shirt Fits, wear it.”

Whether you are a manual printer looking to take the first step into automation or a larger shop that needs additional production capacity and on budgeted space or finances, the Fit is a great FIT for you.

Automate your way into screen printing with a press that’s not only fast but has a smaller footprint than other autos and is super easy to learn. Add additional capacity and flexibility for your shop alongside your larger machine(s) to do simple jobs, one color prints, sleeves, tags, and more. Compared to one operator and a manual press, you can expect 4-5X the production capacity with just one operator and a ROQ Fit.

What Fits?

  • Can be powered and Fit for a garage or small shop.

  • Setups are quick like a manual press with lifting print heads.

  • Prints at speeds of upwards of 1,100 pieces per hour.

  • Fits manual or automatic screens 20” x 24” or 23” x 31”.


  • Footprint: 11’.3”

    • The average one-car sized garage is 12 feet wide and 22 feet deep... It FITs.

    • If you run 2 autos down one 60-72 dryer, the space at the end of the dryer is typically around 13’... It FITs!

  • Load/Unload

    • Single w/4 color operational.

    • Dual w/3 colors operational.

To learn more about the new ROQ Fit and other expert supplies to help you #PressOnward, please visit or call 1-87-ROQ-IT-NOW (that’s 1-877-674-8669).




Early on, we made a conscious decision to eradicate the word "customer" from our vocabulary. ROQ.US has no customers -- we only do business with Partners.

A customer is someone on one end of a transaction, but a Partner is a companion. A Partner is an ally.


A Partner is a trusted friend who is invested in the journey with you. That long-term camaraderie is what we aim to provide for our Partners.

As we continue to roll out the green carpet for you, we're honored to introduce you to our current roster of ROQ.US Referral Partners. These industry leaders are valued ROQ.US family members as You are and we're excited to bring You together with them to reinforce the product/service muscle behind your operation.

Distributing Partners

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