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ROQ’s bold new plunge into the DTG market: The ROQ READY is here and it’s READY to revitalize Direct-to-Garment Printing. 


Welcome to the future of DTG printing efficiency with the ROQ READY Automatic Pretreatment Machine 

A trailblazer designed to redefine Your production capabilities. Let's explore how this innovative machine streamlines Your operations while saving invaluable time and associated costs.

Everything falls into place when You’re READY.

Versatile Automation: 

The ROQ READY, an all-in-one automatic pretreatment marvel, combines 8 stations, seamlessly integrating pretreat, heat press, and flash cure units for accelerated direct-to-garment production.

Efficient Output: 

Handling up to 250 garments per hour, accommodating maximum pretreatment sizes of 500x700mm (20”x28”), the ROQ READY's programmable "Recipes" empower operators to recall specific jobs instantly, reclaiming hours and ensuring precise performance.

Industrial Reliability: 

Engineered for durability, the ROQ READY is robust and industrial-grade, designed to endure heavy production cycles without compromising on quality or speed, requiring minimal labor for maximum output.


Time-Saving Transformer: 

In the world of DTG, time is paramount. The ROQ READY isn't just a machine; it's a time-saving powerhouse. It significantly reduces production time, cuts costs, and boosts overall output, compounding efficiencies.



Number of Stations

21.6” x 29.5"

Number of Stations

Production - Garments Per Hour


19.7” x 27.6”

Max Print Area

Easy to Opperate

Save custom recipes for garments


Fill out your free no-obligation application to find out what automated solutions are already within your grasp right now & #PressOnward with #YourPartnerInPrint!


Connect with My Automated Solutions Specialist for more details on the ROQ READY

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