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Instock and Ready to Ship
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“The ROQ doesn’t get tired, hangry, or call in sick.

 It is always ready to ROQ! The transition from the manual to the auto was simple, and it allows all of us who operate it to be uniform with printing.

We have found that we can take what we learn off of each machine and apply it to the other to become better printers. One of the best things about the ROQ though, is the cleanup. The ROQ just doesn’t accidentally drop the squeegee in the ink, it keeps it exactly where you set it, and what that, we have been able to reduce the amount of tape we use and clean up screens quickly using less cleaning supplies.” ~Dave Porter – Carousel Hat


The Auto Installation
Success Guide.

Get professional insight on what is needed for the installation process with our free Auto Installation Success Guide eBook.


With the ROQ.US Tech Teams' guarantee to provide the best experience possible, and with this informative eBook that gives you a rundown of what planning and executing your next ROQ install will look like so you can adequately prepare for a smooth installation, you will be able to exponentially increase production and profits asap by getting back to doing what you do best with your new ROQ… print!

Thinking About 

We don't merely care about providing the best printing equipment, we care about your peace of mind at every step of your journey, which is why hundreds of digital and screen printing leaders like you choose to ROQ by partnering with us for long-term success.

Hear directly from others in the industry who have been in similar shoes and learn how we partner with you to overcome each perceived obstacle and benefit from the power of award-winning automation as soon as possible.

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Automate Your
Finishing & Fulfillment.

DOWNLOAD the "How Automating Fulfillment Can Transform Your Business" eBook, yours free from ROQ.US, so you can find out why the industry’s top DTC Fulfillment Companies like Stakes Manufacturing trust their fulfillment operation and reputation with ROQ automation.

Download to learn how Setup & Routine Maintenance on a ROQ Gas Dryer can $ave You Thousands.

The ROQ SAHARA can be fully customized to meet your unique needs and preferred workflow.

Turn your business's curing department into your very own on-demand small desert, capable of achieving dependable high temperatures with higher safety and efficiency than ever before.


We at ROQ.US know you want to continue to stay on the forefront of our industry. 

You’re eager to break into the power of what automation can do for your business. The problem is there are several variables to consider when determining the best time for your unique operation to automate, which rightfully makes you feel stuck.


We believe your attention is too valuable to be lost to this concern. We understand this can get in your way which is why we’ve worked with our incredible partners like you to develop the first-ever Screen Printing Automation Ready Score.