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Own the most advanced screen printing carousel press for the ultimate advantage.

With precision multitasking built into its very design, your ROQ ECO

is the ultimate screen printing machine.  


The ROQ ECO is the smooth operator’s smooth operator.

#ROQStar Technician Mike Dolph explains why the ROQ ECO offers the fastest setups in the industry, dramatically increasing your production at the PRESS of a button -- at our awesome partner Real Thread's pristine facility.

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Real Thread

Real Thread, our Partner based in Orlando, FL, is a well-known full-service screen printing, design, and fulfillment business that has been hired by Google, VSCO, and more, to screen print “the finest custom shirts in the nation.”


As a leader in water based screen printing, Real Thread powers their prints with the ROQ ECO and cures them with the ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryer

+ Expand the plus signs to learn how the ECO Press Features that help Real Thread lead the pack.

Expand your production without expanding your effort.

With consistent high production speeds, a durable chassis for the longest production life, and integrated special effects features such as automatic FLOCK and FOIL, as well as being fully compatible with the ROQ HYBRID digital systems, you’ll have a severely trying time attempting to find out if there’s anything it can’t handle. ROQ on!


The ROQ ECO’s faster index speeds, advanced and friendliest-to-operate controls, make it a major player in the upper echelon of the ROQ fleet and others in its class.

>> Go-To / Fetch Platen Functionality. It comes to You, not the other way around.

>> Main LCD Touchscreen – LCD screens on Each Individual Print Head.

>> Future-Proof – Fully Compatible with the ROQ HYBRID Digital Printer.

>> Integrated Special Effects like FLOCK & FOIL

18 Colors Max, 20 Platens Max, 18”x22 L Max Print Size, 20”x28” XL Max Print Size, 28”x40” 2XL Max Print Size, 32”x43” 3XL Max Print Size, 1,600 max prints per hour.

Informative state-of-the-art LCD screens on each individual print head eliminates all the guesswork from your workflow.

By compounding your efforts through automation, your production capacity and efficiency has the potential to reach astronomical figures.


You’re invited to use our interactive ROI calculator at the link below to illustrate how your investment can perform for your bottom line. 

ROQ ECO Resources

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