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Digital Printing Tech + Screen Printing Tech = Unlimited Printing Possibility

The ROQ HYBRID is a combination of digital direct-to-garment and screen printing technology that aligns the best of both worlds.

Full Color.
Special FX

The full-color artwork is executed by way of an in-line digital print head that prints a great hand feel onto all textile/media types, with the highest resolution and huge color gamut.


The ROQ HYBRID is capable of incorporating screen printed special effects like glitter, FOIL, FLOCK, & 3D elements without any of the headaches those often cause.

By utilizing a ROQ automatic screen printing press to print the underbase white ink, the ROQ HYBRID boosts your production capacity while lowering your cost per print by mind-numbing factors with photo-quality prints.

Close up of the ROQ Hybrid digital solutions' print head technology

The ROQ HYBRID utilizes top-of-the-line Fuji film Dimatix print heads with pigmented CMYK +2 Spot Color Print Heads with a max resolution of 600 x 1200.


This precision head technology provides the best print definition, color fidelity, reliability, and reproduction of colors on press, all with a faster and more simplified setup than other machines in its class.


The Fuji film print head can also be easily repaired, giving it a greater lifespan and lowering total cost of ownership.

Cutting Edge 

The Z axis on a ROQ HYBRID is adjustable up to 20mm for printing on a wide variety of textiles with a maximum image area of 29" x 35" and a production capacity of 450 pieces per hour.

Combining DTG and automatic screen printing technologies, the
ROQ HYBRID delivers cutting-edge solutions for your cutting-edge creativity.

Close up image of a ROQ digitally printed design on a t-shirt.

Fully Integrated

Our Fully-Integrated DTG Solution – the ROQ NOW with the ROQ SAHARA Dryer and the Complete ROQ Packaging Line – FOLD + PACK + BAG + LABEL.


This is the answer that the market has imagined for years.


With this seamless and fully-automated production line, it is NOW possible to make every piece pass from printing to packaging, ready to take your orders from NOW to WOW.