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Fast Track Your Setups & Profits

Fill out the form at the link below to unlock our exclusive free registration video, along with our official ROQ REG Illustrator Template to streamline your process for optimal performance. 

ROQ US Technician Richard Tilley walks us through step by step on how the ROG REG could increase production in your shop. Ready to learn about the ROQ REG? Click the link below to unlock your full registration potential.

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Step 1

The ROQ REG PRU is an innovative integrated system that empowers you to register your films precisely on each screen before you put the screen on press.


Step 2

By placing the screen in the positive registration pins, you’ll ensure each frame fits exactly and reliably in the same place every time and will perfectly correlate to your ROQ Automatic Press of choice.


Step 3

With easy-to-use LED lights, you can see directly through your emulsified screen mesh to ensure the proper film placement.


Step 4

Once the screen is exposed, you can place the screen in the press using your ROQ REG platen, and you'll ensure ridiculously-accurate registration every time.

“Fast is fine, but accuracy
is everything.”
~Wyatt Earp

99.999% of the time, we don’t advocate for “staying in your lane” or “staying in the lines” or believing that “the lines are our friends.” More often than not, lines and lanes act as barriers and we’re not about that life.


But (*and this is a big but), when it comes to systemizing and automating your screen printing game, staying in the established lines of your screens is most certainly your friend.


In a word: Registration. More specifically, registration with the ROQ REG System.


Build Your House on the ROQ. So… stay in your lane… this time. All other times? ROQ on & #ROQYourWay.


Download Your Official ROQ REG Illustrator Template Here!

Save yourself countless hours of setup and embed professional precision into every print with the ROQ Pre-Registration Platen. 

Compatible with any ROQ auto press, the ROQ Pre-Registration Platen enables you to print with highest accuracy from each print head. Based on a reinforced honeycomb architecture, the Pre-Registration Platen comes ready to endure millions of cycles with your press, making working with water-based inks a breeze.

With a hollow aluminum construction, the Pre-Registration Platen can withstand incredible pressure and temperature changes without fluctuation or needing readjustment and the onboard grid system removes all the tedious guesswork so you may reliably achieve the best-in-quality prints you’re known for.

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Eliminate the guessing game with a holistic view.
With consistent high production speeds, durable chassis for a very long life of production and integrated special effects features such as automatic flock and automatic foil there isn't much the ECO can't do when it comes to screen printing.

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