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Upgrade in a Flash.

Quick. Consistent. Non-Scorching Smart Curing... in a FLASH.


Typically, a “dry run” refers to a dress rehearsal…
but not in this case. Your ROQ DRY RUN QUARTZ FLASH DRYER is designed to give you a winning performance at a budget price regardless if you're running from a manual or an auto setup.


If you have a ROQ Automatic Press now or plan to get one in the future, you can unite the power commanding cord of the flash to the foot pedal, and the press will automatically tell the flash to turn on and off.


To get the most out of your press and offer the best-in-quality for your customers every time, upgrade in a FLASH. This is no dress rehearsal.

ROQ DRY EVOLUTION Quartz Flash Dryer with Smart Probe

If you integrate the ROQ EVO QUARTZ FLASH DRYER technology to your ROQ equipment you'll never scorch a shirt, over flash ink, or damage a platen again. 


With integrated controls, the EVO FLASH communicates directly with the ROQ brain to relay the curing temp and dwell time of the print to achieve accurate and consistent flashing in the quickest time possible. 


The ROQ DRY EVO's Smart Probe technology reads the temperature of the print and communicates it back to the motherboard, which allows the press to maximize its production and minimize mistakes caused from scorching. 



  • Special medium wavelength quartz lamps for extremely fast warmup.

  • Complete integrated operation with ROQ Automatic Presses.

  • Integrated footswitch to trigger the FLASH. 

  • Automated timer and heat zone control.

  • ROQ 3-year limited warranty.

  • 9000 M Specs:

    • Footprint: 3.49” x 2.05” (1065 x 625mm)

    • Drying Area: 16 x 20in (400 x 500mm)

    • Hood Area: 20.3 x 22in (515 x 560mm)

    • Power/Amps: 208/220v 1 Phase 44 Amps, 208/220v 3 Phase 25 Amps

    • Lamps: 9 x 1000W

    • Electrical Plug: 32 (400V)

    • 1 Phase Plug: Female Socket PCE-233-6

    • 3 Phase Plug: Female Socket PCE-2356

  • 14400 XL Specs:

    • Footprint: 4.24” x 2.05” (1291 x 625mm)

    • Drying Area: 20 x 28in (500 x 700mm)

    • Hood Area: 24.2 x 30.9 in (615 x 786mm)

    • Power: 14.4kVA

    • Lamps: 12 x 1200W

    • Electrical Plug: 32 (400V)

    • 1 Phase Plug: Female Socket 243-6

    • 3 Phase Plug: Female Socket PCE-2356


  • Special medium wave length quartz lamps for extremely fast warm up.

  • Airflow keeps both flash cool and is ideal for water based inks.

  • Complete integrated operation with ROQ Automatic Presses.

  • Host (press) commands for on/off. No Prox sensors to fail.

  • Both convection and radiant heat transfer to pallets.

  • Selectable heating zones.

  • Models available from 12,1000 Watts to over 25,000 Watts.

  • Built-in temp sensor.

  • The FLASH reads the temp of the garment and adjusts heating time according to desired surface temp. Speeds up automatically as pallets warm up.

  • Head rotates 90 degrees.

  • Can be operated in Portrait or Landscape orientation.

  • Extendable head. 

  • The housing can be extended or retracted from base to best-fit drying needs.

  • Available in 1 phase and 3 phase.

  • FLASH area - 20”x28”

Manual / Auto? No matter! ROQ on with a ROQ FLASH.

Whether you are adding a complimentary flash to your ROQ fleet or simply starting out on a budget, The ROQ DRY RUN QUARTZ FLASH DRYER not only works fantastically for a manual press but it integrates seamlessly with any ROQ press and has all the functions to expertly perform.


Select the duration of your flash and the amount of zones needed to flash, spin the garment underneath, tap the foot pedal, and the flashing begins. Once it has completed the flash, the dryer will turn off on its own, which helps save energy and eradicates the possibility of burning the shirt, or worse – your shop.

If you’re on a manual press, looking at the ROQ DRY RUN will eliminate inconsistent flashing, use far less energy, accelerate production, and remove potential fire hazard -- in one device.

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 10.12.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 10.12.52 AM.png

3 Year ROQ Solid Coverage
Now available on ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryers!

Parts: covered. Shipping: covered. Labor: covered.
*Technician travel: covered.


What’s the next chapter in your epic adventure?
A noble quest like yours has no time to be lost to unreliable equipment or obsolete processes.


Your business demands and deserves faster setups, easier printing operations, and future-proof digital strategies that streamline your enterprise so you can focus your creative energy where it's needed most -- on your terms. Fill out the form below to see what's next for your business.

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