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Manual Fulfillment Is Slow,
Labor-Intensive, and Costly

Learn how automating your fulfillment can drastically improve your productivity, efficiency and overall ROI -- all at your fingertips.

Automatically produce over 650 garments expertly folded, stacked, and packed with the ROQ FOLD, ROQ STACK & ROQ PACK. Delivered every hour, on demand, with 80% less labor expenses.

Configure It Your Way.

Automating your Fulfillment & Finishing is one of the fastest and most accessible ways to lower overhead and exponentially increase capacity for revenue and stronger profit margins. Make your presentation experience consistent and familiar, and watch how quickly your orders climb... and watch how many you'll be able to churn out every hour, every day -- without slowing down.

You need and deserve a self-sustaining and supported solution that you don’t have to worry about.


FOLD Virtually Any Garment -- up to 700 Pieces per Hour // Servo-Driven Guides // Custom Recipe Setups

Boost productivity and save your hard-earned dollars by automatically folding over 700 garments per hour with the ROQ FOLD -- any kind and shape of clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos ( short or long sleeves ) trousers, skirts, dresses, etc.


And now, the ROQ FOLD comes with automated adjustments for sleeve and body folds pre-installed.



Full Conveyor Automatic Stop // STACK up to 800 Pieces per Hour // Optional 2,300 mm Conveyor Belt

Cut shipping and storage costs further with the ROQ STACK, which attaches to, and is controlled by, the ROQ FOLD.


By automating the stacking of your folded garments, up to 800 per hour, you’ll eliminate unnecessary and costly unused space in your shipments, and you’ll be able to monitor production while you slash your KPIs by determining the quantity of folded garments and the max height of your stacks! And/or use it in conjunction between your ROQ FOLD and ROQ PACK for a completely automated solution.



PACK up to 1,200 Pieces per Hour // Clear and Polymailer material // Single Operator Finishing

Add the ROQ PACK modular packaging machine to professionally package up to 1,200 garments per hour without the burden of costly and needless labor and physical pain.


The effortless conveyor of the ROQ STACK can bring your folded and stacked garments directly into the ROQ PACK system to produce hundreds of packaged products every hour.



Which operates discreetly behind the scenes of the ROQ FOLD, to automatically apply pre-printed size tag strips to your garments during the folding process so your pieces are professionally prepared and retail-ready prior to packaging and/or shipping.

*Production numbers vary based on equipment inline and the configuration chosen (an inline setup is much faster than a U configuration for example)

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Meet our incredible partners Stakes Manufacturing. Stakes MFG is a Print-On-Demand (POD) DTC powerhouse.


Headquartered in Ohio, Stakes MFG is partnered with the biggest names in sports, entertainment, and ecommerce. A giant in the space, they produce one of the best custom DTC experiences with an intuitive system built to scale. 

Your Instant Benefits:



Aside from the instant financial benefits automation brings, your team will love you from saving them from backbreaking, mindless, and exhausting repetition.



You’ll love that your team will be able to focus on those critical tasks that will keep reinforcing your customers’ love for your quality fulfillment services.



How much is manually FOLDing, STACKing, and PACKing costing your business every day? Every month? Every year?

Check out our ROI Calculator to unlock and reclaim those hidden profit margins!



With “...over 80% of consumers intending to purchase from a DTC brand by 2023,” as this study suggests, combined with the instantaneous personalization opportunities it offers, DTC business is positioned to skyrocket like never before.

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Whether you’re a standalone Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Fulfillment Service or you’re in charge of your company’s Finishing Department, automating your finishing process exponentially increases your speed and volume to market and drastically reduces your labor needs. solid foundation of integrity coupled with dependable automation for many years to come.

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