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We're just dropping FAQs -- the answers to what we're asked most often.

  • How do I fill out a Repair Request?
    You can fill out a Repair Request at the Tool Icon at the Top Navigation
  • What number do I call if I have an issue with my ROQ equipment?
    1-87-ROQ-IT-NOW (1-877-674-8669)
  • I turned my press on and the star won't lock. What could be the issue?
    If your press is powered on and the press won't lock, chances are it requires a password. On the main screen, go to utilities, detectors. On this page, you might see passwords or foot pedal blinking. If “passwords” is blinking, you need to enter a password. If the foot pedal is blinking, we will need to fix the foot pedal.
  • How do I enter a password?
    On the ROQ YOU: Go to the main screen, Utilities, Programs, then Passwords. There you will see the password the press is asking for. Tap on the box and enter the password. On the ROQ ECO/NEXT: Go to definitions, Login, then enter password “4765774” and push Enter. There you will see a codes button. Tap on “codes,” then tap on blank box and enter the code/password provided from
  • How do I fix a stuck foot pedal?
    On top of the foot pedal you will find a cover. Remove the four phillips screws that hold the cover, then remove the cover. You will see a silver plate that engages the switch when the pedal is pressed. With both of your thumbs, press down on this plate. Check your detectors page by going to utilities, detectors. See if the foot pedal detector stops blinking. If it continues blinking, press down on the silver plate a little more. Once you have pushed it down far enough, it will stop blinking. Step on the pedal and make sure it blinks when being pressed.
  • How do I resent my maintenance reminder?
    Go to the main screen, Utilities, Detectors, Log, then Reset. Configure Username: Techinco. Password: 123456789. Tap “okay” if it says login is successful. If it says login failed, enter the password again. Tap “okay” when it says login is successful. Tap reset one more time and your maintenance reminder will go away.
  • What do I need to do for maintenance
    Go to the main screen, Utilities, then Detectors. Here you will see your total index count. Maintenance needs to be performed every 50,000 indexes. If/when you are at 150,000 indexes, you will need to complete the 50,000 and 150,000 maintenance at that time. To find out how to complete the maintenance, search ROQ maintenance on YouTube for a step-by-step guide.
  • I have a low air pressure alarm on my main screen. What could be the issue?
    First, let's check the air pressure on the press main air regulator. This should be at 0.7 mbar or 100 psi. If it isn't sitting at 0.7 mbar/100 psi, we need to make sure your compressor is on and see if any shutoff valves are open. If all of this is good, you might have a bad pressure switch. In this case, please contact ROQ support or fill out an FIR:
  • When trying to print, my squeegee or flood bar won't move. What could be the issue?
    First, determine how tall the image is that you are printing. Normally, you will have this issue with two things. One, the print carriage limit bars are too close together causing both sensors to be on. If this is the case, you need to increase the length of the print stroke by pushing the print carriage back a couple inches. The second cause of this would be the print carriage isn't under one of the slide bars that limit your print stroke length. If this is the case, push the print carriage back so it is over the back print carriage slide bar. If you are still having issues, contact ROQ support.
  • How do I set up a multiprint?
  • What are the power requirements?
    Our install team will provide you with all the info you need to prepare for install. You will want to confirm your voltage is below 241.5, and that you have enough available amps for the equipment purchased. You will need a certified electrician to verify your power, run electrical conduits / cable and during install to make the final power connection. Power requirements depend on several factors, including press model, size, and power phase of your building. ROQ equipment can be configured for single-phase or three-phase power with no price difference from an equipment standpoint. Shops operating on single-phase power (common in residential and older buildings) will pay on average 40% more each month on their electrical bill than shops operating on three-phase power (more common in newer commercial buildings)
  • Do I need a compressor?
    Yes. Our install team will provide you with the minimum requirements for your specific equipment. An air compressor and a chiller (air dryer) to run the pneumatic elements of the equipment are required. Your air compressor and chiller may be self-installed or by a handyman. The airline going from the chiller to the press will also need to be self-installed or by a handyman. All quality automatic presses require part air and part electric. There are all-air presses and all-electric presses available, but each comes with its own set of limitations. The ROQ Fit and You require very little air for an auto press. The ROQ Next and Eco will require twice as much due to the presence of individual air cylinders on each printhead which aid in a 20% production efficiency gain on those models.
  • What should I expect when receiving my equipment?
    When receiving freight equipment, there are a couple things to keep in mind. Do you have a loading dock? If not, then you will need to have a forklift on site to unload the equipment upon arrival. You may need to rent one or borrow from a neighboring business. You will also need a pallet jack to move the equipment inside your facility. The equipment arrives professionally crated, so uncrating while you have the forklift available makes this process a breeze. Lead times on ROQ.US equipment varies from one week to 4 months depending on if the machine is in current inventory, en route, being built, or a custom order. Average lead times on our most popular configurations are typically not more than 1-2 months.
  • What will the install look like?
    Your Technician will assemble all of your equipment in the first day or two of install. You will need to have your electrician available to make the final power connection and/or gas contractor or HVAC depending on your equipment. Once all equipment is installed and an operations check has been completed, training will begin. Installation typically takes one day for small presses and two days for larger presses.
  • What should I have ready before the technician arrives?
    Great question! You should have several jobs ready to print. The smaller the job, the better. This will give you more hands-on training for the entire process. Have your screens ready. Burn the image 4.5 inches down from the top of the screen. This allows us to fully flood the image. You’ll also want to have inks, adhesives, garments, and anything else you normally use to print a garment. Being ready to print is going to make sure you get the most out of your training. Our Tech team will supply you with documentation based on your specific equipment’s electrical and air requirements that you’ll need to complete and sign before your installation is scheduled. Typically, this includes having your electrical wiring properly run and having your air compressor and chiller installed at your location.
  • What type of training will I receive?
    Depending on the amount of training you purchase, the amount of time will vary. However, you will be shown how to operate the equipment and all its functions, how to perform maintenance and operations while being guided by a ROQ.US certified Technician. We recommend allotting 2 days of training for those not experienced with automated printing. Those who are experienced with auto printing but new to ROQ will be good with one day of training, and those who already are familiar with ROQ equipment may not need any additional training at all.
  • How much does a ROQ cost?
    The price of the equipment varies. Depending on which model of machine fits your needs and objectives, how many colors you are needing to print, what accessories are needed, etc., we tailor packages that fit your immediate needs as well as your intended future. Presses start at $42,995. If you would like to speak with someone on our team regarding the pricing of a specific product, please fill out the form here:
  • What sets ROQ.US apart from other manufacturers?
    In a word, relationships. Our values as a company are about forming long term partnerships with our clients. That coupled with the innovation ROQ provides and our continuous drive to make the best equipment in the industry sets us apart from our competitors. You cut your setup time in half from traditional lift-and-lower style carousels. The platen system on the ROQ is unique in that it is level for the life of the equipment.
  • What happens if I have a problem with my machine?
    We are proud to offer the industry’s leading warranty. 3 years of Squeegee to Squeegee coverage including parts and labor. If you ever have a problem, you can call and speak to an actual human being, email or submit a support ticket through our site and get a solution immediately. If the issue cannot be resolved through one of those means, then all travel, lodging, labor and parts are covered. Investing in a ROQ means having fewer maintenance and repairs, and more longevity over the 15-20 year life of the press.
  • FIT, YOU, NEXT, ECO - Which one is right for me?
    Screen Printing Presses are powerful tools. You and your Rep will make the most appropriate determination on which model is best for you during your conversations. The best model and configuration will be determined by several factors relating to your business specifically. These include, budget, space, needs (color count, production volume, etc.). If you plan on printing 4 or fewer colors, then a YOU or FIT might be advantageous for your needs. If you are going for higher color count or larger prints, then a YOU XL or a NEXT might be a better solution. If you are wanting to really pump on the numbers and want high color count and max speeds, then the top of the line ECO is for you!

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