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With this winning combo get setup on press in 1/10 of the time than it does with film.


EXILE’s precision-based SPYDER computer-to-screen (CTS) printer provides the ultimate quality screen mask creation while simplifying the process with an intuitive touchscreen interface control.

The SPYDER presents the highest-resolution automated screen imaging at over 2 square feet per minute for lightning-fast throughput. Perfect for your busy screen room, the SPYDER can eliminate film, improve print quality, reduce labor and all associated costs, and exponentially accelerate job turnaround.

With two unmatched trim options available, EXILE has the unique solution to accommodate your unique goals. We invite you to reach out to your Automated Solutions Specialist to determine your most advantageous option, but in the meantime, here are the main differences between the two for your quick reference:

The SPYDER II has a streamlined interface with easy-to-use touch screen controls.
The SPYDER II is your all-in-one machine providing a simplified structure, improved performance, control, and long term reliability. By using heated wax ink with phase change inkjet head technology, high-density images are placed directly onto a coated screen.


The SPYDER II 30 supports standard frames up to 30” x 40”, while the larger SPYDER II 52 supports frame sizes up to 54” x 46”. A full-featured Harlequin RIP is included to provide a fast and reliable file output. The SPYDER II also accepts 1-bit tiff files from any other RIP to easily fit into an existing pre-press workflow.

Prints most commonly at 600 dpi.  |  Image screens at over 2 sq ft per minute (600 dpi)  |  Supports standard frames up to 30” x 40”  |  Bi-directional printing  |  Halftone capability – 65 lpi @ 600 dpi | Comes standard with three-point registration system



The unique vertical design of the V-Lux Exposure unit allows for simple and easy loading and unloading of a screen, using integrated rails to maintain the proper exposure distance from the LED light source.


The unit is built with computer-to-screen in mind, and when combined with EXILE’s Spyder system ensures high quality results. Just insert the screen, press a button (or use automated mode) and your screen is exposed with the correct spectrum of UV light.


Designed for Computer-to-Screen // Lamp life of 50,000 hours or more // Optimized UV LEDs for low energy consumption // LCD Touch Screen for fully automatic or manual operation.


Lead Time: 6 Weeks

For all specifications and additional features, click below and download your free brochure.

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Eliminate the guessing game with a holistic view.
With consistent high production speeds, durable chassis for a very long life of production and integrated special effects features such as automatic flock and automatic foil there isn't much the ECO can't do when it comes to screen printing.


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