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From Blue to Green: How Switching Equipment Brands Revolutionized My Business

LOGODADDY is a premier brand and marketing agency with over 17 years of industry leadership, excelling in custom apparel, vinyl wraps, and signage solutions to elevate brand promotion and customer engagement. I'm John Gibbs, the proud founder of this company, and I've been at the helm of screen printing operations for nearly two decades. Over the years, I've made numerous changes to keep up with industry demands, but none as significant as my recent switch from blue to GREEN!

The Catalyst for Change

For 16 years, our production shop was filled with blue presses that served us very well, but as we expanded, I wanted to partner with a company and people who were more like me. People who treated me as family long before I owned any of their equipment. The ROQ.US ownership, management, and team have become some of my best allies and friends in the industry. So when my need for better, more advanced, and more efficient equipment became apparent it was a no-brainer. The change in my opinion started many years ago at industry trade shows, events, and classes where I started building strong relationships and knowledge with the ROQ team. Their commitment to the industry through sponsorships and training programs was impressive to me, it showcased a deep dedication to enhancing screen printing as an industry and a craft.

The Decision to Go Green

The decision to switch was timed with our expansion to a new 22,000 sq. ft. facility in Valley Park, MO. ROQ.US stood out not only for their industry contributions but also for their top-tier equipment. The transition was actually seamless, thanks to the exceptional service from the ROQ Solutions and installation team. They ensured our new setup would go smoothly. We ordered three autos and a GIANT 50’ dryer! It was all installed before our timeline, allowing us to maintain production at our other location and then move over to this new facility without missing a beat.

First Impressions and Results

The installation process was a testament to ROQ's commitment to excellence. From the get-go, their equipment was not just a replacement but an upgrade in every sense. The new presses were user-friendly, which allowed my team to adapt quickly and maintain our operational pace, and the enhanced setup times and production capabilities have dramatically boosted our output and efficiency. Our team loves all the new ROQ equipment, especially how quiet and smooth they are. We also love the STAMPINATORS! We find they increase productivity and give us a better print almost every time.

Continued Support and Community

One of the most remarkable aspects of working with ROQ.US has been their ongoing support. They treat their clients like family, ensuring that we receive anything we need promptly. This approach extends beyond just business transactions; it's about building lasting relationships and supporting each other's growth. We have a LogoDaddy Open ‘HOUSE PARTY’ coming up on May 18th, 2024, and ROQ.US and many of the green team will be here! 

There were a few reasons that inspired us to host our HOUSE PARTY event. First off, we wanted to introduce ourselves to the community of Valley Park and show them who we are, what we do, and why we do it. They've seen us transform the building over the last 10 months, but they don't yet know what our business is all about. Secondly, we've never had the opportunity to celebrate "us" and have an open house. Our last attempt was canceled during COVID-19, so we wanted to have a fun day to reflect on our accomplishments and celebrate our team! Lastly, we knew we would have a lot of industry friends in town from the MADE Lab event on Friday and we know our industry loves to work hard and play hard, so we wanted to throw one hell of a party!

When you come, you'll to meet our awesome sponsors like Grimco, ROQ.US, Allmade, Supacolor, Lane Seven, EXILE Technologies, and more! This is a great opportunity to have your questions answered in the field.

Join us as Brian Lessard, the art and ink master at MADE Lab, shares his expertise in Faux Applique print techniques, art creation, separations, and on-press engineering. Plus, discover the secrets to perfecting athletic printing on performance fabrics using Avient's Silicone and Plastisol Inks. If you’re interested in learning more about ROQ equipment and why we made this change, please register below and come hang out!


If you're in the market for new screen printing equipment, consider ROQ.US not just for their machinery but for their people. The experience of being treated as family rather than just another sales lead is rare in the business world and speaks volumes about their company culture.

Switching from blue to green didn't just mean changing the color of our equipment. It represented a shift towards a more sustainable, efficient, and supportive partnership. ROQ.US has not only contributed to the betterment of our production capabilities but has also elevated the entire experience of running Logodaddy Graphics. We're quicker, better, and stronger — and for that, I couldn't be more grateful.

PLEASE DON'T just take our word for it, come to our MADE TO ROQ tour course on Friday, May 17th where we will cover ‘Faux Applique’ and ‘Athletic Silicone Printing.’ Later that evening our VIP members will attend a St.Louis Cardinals game! All are brought to you by MADE Lab.

Then, PLEASE STICK AROUND FOR OUR HOUSE PARTY on Saturday, May 18th!  It's going to be a great event with a lot of cool industry activities. Come hang with SHIRT SHOW LIVE and all of our ROQ.US and Grimco Friends for a one-of-a-kind day. You can register for the FREE event and 5k fun run to benefit U.N.I.T.E Together at this link: CLICK on the HOUSE PARTY button to register! 

Please come see the equipment first hand and maybe you will switch ‘from blue to green’ soon as well! 




Early on, we made a conscious decision to eradicate the word "customer" from our vocabulary. ROQ.US has no customers -- we only do business with Partners.

A customer is someone on one end of a transaction, but a Partner is a companion. A Partner is an ally.


A Partner is a trusted friend who is invested in the journey with you. That long-term camaraderie is what we aim to provide for our Partners.

As we continue to roll out the green carpet for you, we're honored to introduce you to our current roster of ROQ.US Referral Partners. These industry leaders are valued ROQ.US family members as You are and we're excited to bring You together with them to reinforce the product/service muscle behind your operation.

Distributing Partners

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