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Highlights from the First-Ever “Sip & Print” Screen Printing Event in Chicago, IL

A group of attendees printing on a ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Press at Sip & Print

The first “Sip & Print”, which was held at 1907: The Chicago Printeasy, was a success thanks to all of You who came out! We had a blast getting to know everyone and sharing an inside look at the power of ROQ Automation. We can’t wait to see YOU at another one of these awesome monthly events! Here are three of the highlights from the first “Sip & Print” that You can expect at upcoming dates:

1. Demo a variety of ROQ equipment and learn efficiency tips along with new & unique print methods (*print Your own shirt!)

During the first “Sip & Print” event, we demoed equipment like the ROQ YOU, ROQ NEXT Automatic Screen Printing Presses, the ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryer, Pre-Press Equipment, Post-Press Equipment, and more. Attendees experienced the equipment operating up close and personal, had the chance to interact with ROQ Automation Experts to get answers to any questions that arose, learned and performed new & unique print methods (see below), and got an overall taste of how automatic printing can drastically improve their businesses’ workflow & efficiency.

 Faux Appliqué design printed at Sip & Print

Jimmy Ormond helped attendees print this special Faux Appliqué design “MADE” by our friends at MADE Lab on Allmade Apparel, which created a replica baseball patch using Avient Specialty Inks Nu Puff and Finese additive. The result not only popped but printed efficiently on the NEXT P12.

Enjoying a cold beverage by a ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Press

2. Network with industry folks over a cold beverage at the end of your work week

“Sip & Print” is a non-formal recurring event that was created for attendees to relax & have casual conversations at the end of a work week, which this event proved to be! As “Sip & Print” events are held monthly, You can relax knowing there will be future opportunities to come see the equipment. In fact, we invite You to reach out to the Multicraft Ink or ROQ.US team at any time to schedule Your own private visit outside of “Sip & Print" events as well. Attendees mingled with other screen printers, met industry experts, and got the opportunity to give ROQ Automation Experts a deeper understanding of their business, their experiences, and their goals. We look forward to learning more about how we may best support Yours!

3. Meet with a ROQ Automation Expert in person to hear about current Equipment Specials

Bonus! Attendees had the opportunity to learn about and take advantage of Current Equipment Specials while they’re available! You can still get access to cost-saving opportunities by registering and attending any of the upcoming “Sip & Print” events on 8/25, 9/22, and/or 10/27!

More on “Sip & Print”:

Remaining 2023 Dates: 8/25, 9/22, 10/27

Times: 3p-5p CST

Location: 1907: The Chicago Printeasy – 540 Lunt Ave. Schaumburg, IL 60193




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