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Compare ROQ’s 3-Year ROQ SOLID Warranty

ROQ Solid 3 Year Warranty

When it comes to investing in screen printing automation, it's important to consider the warranties offered by manufacturers. The warranty on a piece of equipment is a reflection of the manufacturer's confidence in their product and longevity, and it can also provide peace of mind for the Buyer.

In the case of ROQ, the ROQ SOLID 3-Year Warranty that covers parts, shipping, labor, and Tech travel (when necessary) sets them apart from other manufacturers who only offer coverage for 1-2 years on parts. Here's why this warranty is so important:

Efficiency and Reliability

ROQ's #ROQSOLID 3-Year Warranty ensures that their equipment is built to last. With a longer warranty, the manufacturer is confident that their product will perform reliably for an extended period of time. This means that businesses that invest in ROQ equipment can expect to spend less time and money on maintenance and repairs. This efficiency can translate into increased productivity, allowing businesses to produce more products in the same timeframe.

Savings on Labor Overhead

ROQ's warranty also saves businesses money on labor overhead. When other manufacturers’ equipment breaks down, businesses would have to pay for repairs or for a technician to fix the issue.

With a longer warranty, businesses like Yours can avoid these costs and use the money they save to invest in other areas of their operation.

Long-Term Investment

The ROQ warranty is also important because it demonstrates the company's commitment to building a long-term relationship with their Partners.

When businesses invest in automation equipment, they want to know that they're making a solid long-term investment. With a warranty that lasts three years, ROQ is signaling that their equipment is designed to last for a significant period of time. This can give businesses confidence in their investment and help them make more informed decisions about their operations.

In contrast, manufacturers that offer only 1-2 years on parts may be signaling that their equipment is less reliable or may require more frequent maintenance. This can lead to increased downtime, repairs, and maintenance costs for businesses that invest in their equipment.

The ROQ SOLID 3-Year Warranty sets ROQ apart from other manufacturers in terms of efficiency, reliability, savings on labor overhead, and long-term investment.

When investing a lot of money into automation, businesses need to know that they're making a SOLID long-term investment. The ROQ warranty provides that confidence, and it's one of the top reasons why businesses should consider investing in ROQ equipment for their screen printing needs.

Book a no-obligation call with Automation Expert Brad Potter to learn more about the ROQ Solid Warranty and how it will benefit Your business today!


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