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Why the ROQ ECO is the Sleekest Automatic Screen Printing Press in the World

With the fastest index speeds yet (over 1,400+ prints per hour with FLY Mode!), advanced controls with a digital micro-registration display on every print head, Go-To Platen functionality, and industry-leading 3-Year ROQ Solid Warranty coverage, the ROQ ECO – the sleekest automatic screen printing press – offers

the fastest of everything: setup times, print speeds, and growing profits.

1. Index Speeds:

ROQ Eco automatic screen printing press in operation

The ROQ ECO’s chain drive system offers off-the-chart speeds 10-15% faster than

the ROQ NEXT & 25-30% faster than the ROQ YOU, blasting your production rates into a dizzying hyperdrive. That’s over 1,100 prints per hour… and over 1,400 prints per hour when “FLY Mode” is engaged. 😯

In addition to the ECO’s fastest setup times & top-of-the-line features, this speed allows you to knock out any job, no matter the complexity or size, as quickly as possible so that You’re equipped to say “Yes” to any customer that walks through Your doors.

2. LCD screens offering the fastest setup times in the industry:

A feature that truly separates the ROQ ECO from most is the advanced LCD control screen located on every print head that offers digital micro-registration adjustments and Go-To/Fetch platen capabilities, allowing You to eliminate all the guesswork & delay in Your workflow.

ROQ Eco Automatic Screen Printing Press and digital display

The exact micro-registration function gives You the most accurate vantage point in real time so You can achieve and lock in the precision to create the highest detailed prints Your customers will love and keep coming back for over and over again. It’s literally never been easier… or more accurate.

And the “Go-To” Platen functionality brings whatever platen You want directly to where You are, wherever You are, without You having to move an inch. That means that they come to You – not the other way around – making setups significantly quicker providing You the fastest setups and tear-downs in the industry.

3. Warranty

Along with having the “Ferrari of automatic screen printing presses,” You’ll also have the “Ferrari of warranties: the industry-leading 3-Year #ROQSolidWarranty.”

In addition to being the longest warranty in the game, the ROQ Solid Warranty also covers parts, shipping, AND labor costs, unlike the rest. So You know Your ROQ ECO is covered, and that You’ll take zero dollars out of Your pocket ~if~ something does happen to need attention. Why do we choose to protect Your investment longer than any other manufacturer in the field? We believe in our products, and we believe in You.

ROQ Solid 3 Year Warranty

With consistent high production speeds, 3-year ROQ Solid Warranty coverage, individual LCD control screens, and a plethora of other game-changing features like the integrated special effects features (such as automatic FLOCK and FOIL) and being fully compatible with the ROQ HYBRID digital systems, you’ll have a severely trying time attempting to find out if there’s anything the ROQ ECO can’t handle.

Have more questions about the ROQ ECO and how it's various features can help You and Your business? Your Automated Solutions Specialist is delighted to schedule some time with You to see what would suit Your needs.




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