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Why Switching Press Brands is Easier Than You May Think

In this blog, You’ll get in-depth insights from Your experienced ROQ Solutions

Partner Rob Welch on the ins and outs of what switching from Your current manufacturer to ROQ looks like and what it means for Your business so that You can stay competitive, hold onto Your dream team, and expand Your profits in the rapidly-changing world of apparel decoration.

ROQ Shop Before and After

Then, discover how to make the switch with our simple 5-Step Process, where we’ll get to know You and Your current situation better, help You identify waste, evaluate the value of Your current equipment, decide whether to expand, downsize, or adjust Your production to incorporate new decoration methods and customize Your future floor plan with the expert guidance of Your ROQ Solutions & Service Teams. Learn more and easily start with Step 1 here!

Q: What are some common concerns when switching press brands? 

A: When switching press brands, people often worry about operation and accessory compatibility. Most screen printing machines are similar in function, but some are more user-friendly. That's one of the biggest places where ROQ excels.

Switching brands can be daunting, like moving from a Windows computer to an Apple computer. Both perform the same tasks, but the commands are different. There's muscle memory involved; for example, it's Ctrl+V on Windows and Cmd+V on Apple. Similarly, long-time industry professionals may hesitate to change brands.

We've found that operating a Green machine is easier than other machines and we hear it all the time from our Partners who made the switch. However, concerns about accessories are common and we understand them. People have invested thousands of dollars in different-sized platens, squeegees, and flood bars for their current equipment. They worry about the additional costs if they switch brands. At ROQ, we simplify this process by offering great deals on accessories or even including them as part of the overall package to ensure a smooth transition.

Another advantage of our equipment is the power requirement. Most other manufacturers require a separate power drop for each piece of equipment. With ROQ, You only need a single power drop, making it simpler and more aesthetically pleasing with fewer cables hanging from the ceiling.

One of the biggest concerns is whether operators will be comfortable with new machines. To address this, we connect You with neighboring print shops that use ROQ equipment. Our Partners, who switched from other brands to ROQ, can share their firsthand experiences to inspire and reassure Your workforce’s confidence. Additionally, we offer training at our various showrooms or at MADE Lab, where Your operators can get hands-on experience. They frequently find that after a few hours, ROQ machines are easier to use than their previous equipment.

At ROQ, we are committed to making Your transition seamless and empowering Your success with our user-friendly, efficient, and reliable equipment.

Q: What does the process of switching manufacturers look like?

A: When switching manufacturers, we offer various ways to help You sell Your old equipment. The value of Your current machine(s) depends on its age and condition. Some machines are 25 years old and have little value, while others are only a few years old and are still desirable in the market.

Many people prefer buying used machines, similar to how some people prefer buying used cars. We have multiple sources and an extensive network to help You find buyers for Your pre-owned equipment. There are also many online platforms where You can list Your old machines.

We actively assist our partners in finding new homes for their old equipment or connect them with others who can help. Rest assured, we have a comprehensive network to support You in this process, and we eliminate the guesswork.

Q: Does ROQ help with shop layout? 

A: Yes, at ROQ, we absolutely help with shop layout. I do this all the time, and it becomes very simple once You've done it a few times. All we need are the dimensions of Your space and information about what else is in Your facility.

I use pre-made AI templates with every possible machine configuration. I can scale these to fit Your space and create an efficient layout. I recently worked on a project with 26 machines, which was quite impressive.

ROQ Solutions Partner

My focus is on “LEAN” manufacturing, aiming to achieve the most efficient processes with the least number of steps. Often, screen printing businesses add equipment over the years without much planning, leading to a disorganized workflow. We help redirect and streamline this to create a smooth workflow, which is crucial for efficiency and widening margins.

I've noticed that other companies don’t offer this level of support. Showing someone how to arrange their shop isn't typically something an equipment manufacturer does, but we do it at ROQ because we're committed to setting You up for long-term success and we want You to enjoy Your entire journey, not merely a destination.

Q: What's the process of helping businesses decide what equipment is best for their business?

A: Helping businesses decide on the best solutions for their unique goals involves asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers. Often, people purchase a machine based on their budget or available funds at the time, which can lead to constraints in their production process.

For example, someone might buy a 6-color, 8-station machine from another manufacturer because it was affordable or used. Once in production, they might realize that for a 5-color job on a dark shirt, they have to send the shirt around twice. This is highly inefficient, and they may ask if our machines have a feature like Shuffle Mode or Revolver Mode, which different companies call by different names. They want to know how to achieve better results without having to do multiple passes. I’ll ask them questions such as:

What's the highest color count they've ever done?

Have they had to outsource jobs because their current equipment couldn’t handle more colors effectively?

Based on their answers, I advise on the best configuration for their workflow. Our goal is to set them up to be as efficient and productive as possible. I typically provide a few different options, explaining the differences, so they can decide which is best for them. Ultimately, they make the final decision based on their needs and circumstances.

Q: When You are helping out businesses that are looking to switch manufacturers, what are the most common reasons they are switching and what are they looking for?

A: One of the main reasons people switch from one manufacturer to another is service and support. At ROQ, we pride ourselves on supporting our partners and servicing their machines with what we call #GreenGloveService. Many Partners have told us that getting service and support from other manufacturers can be challenging. Some companies have downsized their service teams or their technicians have retired, leaving unresolved issues that can persist for weeks or months. As a business owner, You need reliable equipment – reliable solutions.

Many manufacturers make lift-and-lower carousel machines, where the platens move up and down. These machines often come with pallet arm leveling kits, not for if the platens become unlevel, but for when they become unlevel. This results in regular maintenance to re-level everything, especially when switching from adult platens to Youth platens. In contrast, ROQ machines have platens that are level for life. You can switch out platens and they will remain level, significantly reducing downtime.

Another reason people switch to ROQ is brand appeal. Our brand is particularly attractive to younger and established business owners alike. Like Apple's ecosystem, once You start using ROQ products, everything works seamlessly together. With ROQ, all Your equipment communicates and works efficiently as a cohesive system, unlike other companies where each piece of equipment operates independently and lacks integration.

In summary, people switch to ROQ for our exceptional service and support, reliable machines that save time, and an appealing, integrated brand experience.

ROQ Screen Printing Shop

Q: After a new Partner gets all their Green into their business, after they’ve gone through the install, after they've had training and they've gotten some good use out of it, what have You heard that these businesses are the happiest with and/or find their most success with after their transition? Or how has it helped their processes?

A: I've had many companies switch to ROQ and tell me they've seen significant improvements in their quality of life. Working on our machines is simpler and easier. They also appreciate our exceptional service. If an issue arises, whether it's an operator error or a component malfunction, our resolution speed is unmatched compared to their previous manufacturer. Their employees enjoy coming to work more.

Other manufacturers' machines often look and feel antiquated: loud and difficult to maneuver. Our machines are quiet, easy to get around, and visually pleasing. You can tell a ROQ shop from others because ROQ shops are clean, slick, and professional. When You walk into a ROQ shop, the floors are cleared, the machines are well-maintained, and the space is inviting. In contrast, some other shops look like they haven't been cleaned in years and are very noisy. This difference in appearance and environment is beneficial for bringing in new clients. When You show them a clean, professional production area, it makes a positive impression that lasts. ROQ shops are aesthetically more appealing to owners, employees, and clients.

The physical appearance of other equipment can leave something to be bit desired: blue machines, yellow safety cables, and red flashes. It's not inspiring. In contrast, ROQ machines are white, which feels like a blank canvas ready for creativity, and green, symbolizing growth and prosperity. Our machines are not only more functional but also much more attractive to look at every day on the production floor.

Q: Any last thoughts or things people should know before switching to ROQ?

A: One of the main reasons people switch to ROQ is the small changes that add up to big benefits. For example, setting up a job on a lif-and-lower carousel machine takes about five minutes per screen. On a ROQ press, it takes less than half of the time (two minutes per screen), and with CTS or LTS, that gets down to one minute per screen. When You calculate the time saved on setups each day, it becomes clear that You're either saving a lot of money or making more money by not wasting time between jobs. If You can show these numbers clearly, it boils down to a simple question: Do You want to be more profitable and waste less money? If so, then switching to ROQ is the strongest way to go.

Personally, I don't see myself as a salesperson. I see myself as someone who makes new friends and helps them make their companies more efficient and profitable. I think other companies don't see people this way; they see them as dollar signs, not as Partners like we do at ROQ. That's a big difference people feel when they switch to ROQ – they feel connected and valued – because with us, they are.


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