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Revolutionize Your Operations for Automatic Fulfillment

Written by: Sarah Judd

Webster Fulfillment is a third-party logistics (“3PL”) provider that takes pride in catering to the fulfillment needs of a diverse range of product lines, with a special focus on apparel. The apparel fulfillment industry presents unique challenges due to the higher number of touch points required compared to other product categories. Embracing a continuous improvement mindset, Webster Fulfillment consistently seeks innovative ways to streamline processes and maximize efficiency. Recognizing the need to embrace automation, we were determined to incorporate it strategically to drive our progress toward those higher goals.

The ROQ PACK at Webster Fulfillment
The ROQ PACK at Webster Fulfillment

One area we targeted for improvement was our receiving process, with the aim of enhancing efficiencies and expediting the product's entry into our inventory system. During this time, we were introduced to the ROQ FOLD and PACK machines. Implementing ROQ’s technology provided us with a remarkable four-fold increase in the number of apparel units we could fold and bag in an hour compared to the more traditional, labor-intensive method of hand folding and bagging.

The versatility of the ROQ machine is an invaluable asset to our operations. Its adaptability to various garment types allows us to tailor the folding and bagging process based on each item's specific characteristics, such as length, width, and thickness. Moreover, the machine grants us the flexibility to eliminate certain folds when necessary, optimizing the workflow even further.

The machine's functionalities extend beyond folding and bagging, as ROQ has innovatively developed an additional device that incorporates adding a barcode label as the final touchpoint.

The ROQ Automatic Fulfillment System at the ROQ US Tech Center
The ROQ Automatic Fulfillment System at the ROQ US Tech Center

A crucial advantage of having the bagger integrated into the folding machine's workflow is the assurance that the folds stay perfectly in place, presenting the garments in their best form for inventory without the need for additional manual adjustments. This feature not only expedites the fulfillment process but also ensures that each product is ready to be dispatched to customers promptly and with utmost precision.

As we continue to embrace cutting-edge technology and explore innovative solutions, Webster Fulfillment remains committed to delivering unmatched service to our clients, particularly in the dynamic and demanding realm of apparel fulfillment. With the ROQ folding and bagging machine [the ROQ Automatic FULFILLMENT System] revolutionizing our operations, we are confidently equipped to meet the evolving needs of our clients while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and accuracy.

The ROQ Automatic Fulfillment System at the ROQ US Tech Center
The ROQ Automatic Fulfillment System at the ROQ US Tech Center

Located in Southeastern Alabama, Webster Fulfillment touts a business model “built around simplicity. Founded by owners, for owners.” Specializing in order fulfillment from start-up, to 10,000+ orders per month, with customized processes covering everything from inbound to outbound, their goal is to relieve operational headaches so their clients can focus on scaling their businesses.

For more information on how the ROQ Automatic FULFILLMENT System can open and expand untapped revenue streams, please call 1-87-ROQ-IT-NOW (that’s 877-674-8669), or click below to schedule a no-obligation call to get Your questions answered by Your Automatic Solutions Specialist today.

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