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Anchored Prints M&R vs. ROQ Comparisons Pt. 1

Welcome, #PrintFam! Today we’re highlighting three of the many M&R vs. ROQ comparison videos by California based print business Anchored Prints.

In a world defined by innovation and precision, the right equipment is a game-changer. To help guide You through the maze of options and considerations, in this blog Anchored Prints gives an unbiased analysis of speed, equipment and manufacturer reliability, and a deep dive into their experience with flash cure units.

Whether You're a seasoned professional seeking equipment upgrades or a curious newcomer exploring industry heavyweights, these videos serve as Your front-row seat to real-life applications of both manufacturers.

Let the competitions begin and keep Your eyes out for Part 2!


In this first competition, Anchored Prints day and night shifts go head to head to highlight registration & print speeds on both M&R and ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Equipment -- with ROQ taking the win at over 4 minutes faster in BOTH competitions. 

Check out the competition to see how #TeamGreen claims victory at the race! 


“It's [reliability] more important to me than pretty much anything. Because if a machine's down on my floor and I have employees, in three days, we can lose – just with the things not printed and the labor – more than what payments on a machine can be for three or four months. So, reliability is super, super important.” – Sam Schinhofen, Owner

“And the ROQ machines: Alex, what has broken on these machines since we got them?” Sam Schinhofen, Owner

...Like, nothing.” – Alex, Production Manager

“Nothing at all?” – Sam Schinhofen, Owner

 “Nothing at all.” – Alex, Production Manager


“So talking about flashes today, one thing that my staff tells me they love about the ROQ, and I love about the ROQ, is that the flashes plug in directly to the machine. The cool thing about that is that's how they power. There's no drops.” – Sam Schinhofen, Anchored Prints

One of the many reasons Anchored Prints prefers their ROQ Flash Units. Hear the rest of the many reasons in the clip above!


To check out more M&R vs. ROQ comparisons and to stay in the loop, follow Anchored Prints on Youtube and Instagram. 💚🤘




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