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3 Tips to get the most of Your Lotus Holland Auto Screen Reclaim System

Today we’re focusing on the Lotus Holland Auto Screen Reclaim System and will be sharing three easy & invaluable tips from Frens Peters of Lotus Holland, from enhancing performance to prolonging the lifespan of your equipment, that are geared towards empowering You with the knowledge needed to continue to streamline Your workflow and revolutionize the way You approach Auto Reclaim maintenance. Let’s dive in!

#ROQTip 1: The Importance of Preparing a Screen Before Inserting it into the Lotus Holland Reclaim System

Frens teaches You how to ensure cleaner screens and easier maintenance in the future by properly preparing screens before putting them in the Lotus Holland Reclaim System

#ROQTip 2: How to Tighten the Transfer Chain of Your Lotus Holland Reclaim System

Frens explains how to simply tighten the transfer chain of Your Lotus Holland reclaim system to avoid unnecessary movement of Your screens.

#ROQTip 3: How to Tighten the Green Belts in Your Lotus Holland Automatic Screen Reclaim System

Frens shows how to tighten the green belts on Your Lotus Holland Auto Screen Reclaim System so that the nozzle blades go up and down smoothly to ensure peak screen cleaning performance again and again.

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For more insightful tips and to have your questions answered, please visit or call 1-87-ROQ-IT-NOW, that’s 877.674.8669. Your ROQ Tech Team is standing by to help You #PressOnward with #GreenGloveService.

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