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Two ROQ Products Receive Impressions Industry Impact (III) Awards

We are honored to announce that two ROQ products have been selected as winners of the Impressions Industry Impact (III) Awards! This recognition celebrates the groundbreaking innovation and advanced technology that our products bring to the decorated apparel industry, propelling it into an exciting future. In this blog, we’ll dive into the two products, the ROQ E Self-contained Automatic Press and the ROQ READY Automatic Pre-Treatment Machine, their awards, and their reviews for Your quick reference and better understanding.

ROQ E Self Contained Screen Printing Press

Best New Screen-Printing Tech Award: ROQ E Self-contained Automatic Press

“Although an automatic screen-printing press hard at work is both a sight to behold and a great way of generating some serious revenue, getting an auto up and running can take a fair bit of work. It was with this in mind that long-time industry leader ROQ created its ROQ E automatic screen-printing press, the industry’s “first ever self-contained automatic screen-printing machine,” i.e., an auto equipped with its own air compressor. That’s right, with the ROQ E there’s no need for any kind external air supply. Simply connect and print. Capable of processing up to a blurring 900 garments per hour, the system can print as many as eight different colors when equipped with the max available 10 platens. The ROQ E’s internal air supply has also been carefully tailored to run as quietly as possible in the interest of helping create a more pleasant work environment. Per ROQ, “With simplified connectivity to electric power, the ROQ E streamlines printing setups for high-speed, high-tech demands, ensuring seamless operation and automatic efficiency.” Music to the ears of any high-volume screen printer. For more information, click here."

Best New DTG Ancillary Tech Award: ROQ READY Automatic Pre-treatment Machine

“You gotta love direct-to-garment (DTG) decoration. Input the file for the design you want to use, load up the T-shirt you want to decorate and print. Viola! What could be simpler? Oh, yeah,  that’s right…pre-treatment. Not to worry, though. For those looking to execute even the largest DTG runs reliably and efficiently, there is now the ROQ READY automatic pre-treatment machine. Capable of handling 250 or more (many more) garments per hour, the system’s eight stations seamlessly execute the series of application, heat-press and flash-cure steps required for efficient/effective direct-to-garment production prep of both white and colored shirts. Fully programmable, the ROQ READY system can be preprogrammed with multiple “recipes” for however many shirt types or DTG printers your company may be using—all with an eye toward maximizing throughput, quality and efficiency. For more information, click here. "


We extend our thanks to Impressions for recognizing the ROQ E and ROQ READY products as winners in this year's industry-wide competition. This honor reaffirms our commitment to pushing the envelope of efficiency and innovation within the decorated apparel industry. At ROQ, we are dedicated to making life easier and more cost-effective for our Partners by continuously developing cutting-edge solutions. We are excited to continue our journey of innovation and excellence, driving the industry forward together with You. Thank You for Your support and trust in ROQ. We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be #YourPartnerInPrint.

Book time with Your dedicated ROQ Solutions Partner today to learn more about how the ROQ E and ROQ READY can transform Your business today.




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