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ROQ Partner Starts REECE UNIVERSITY To Aid Screen Printers


One of our most powerful muscles that we have to flex is our ability to learn new strategies to reinforce our skills and broaden our potential. One of our ROQ Star Partners, Reece Supply Company, is embracing the times before us and transforming them into actionable opportunities with their unrolling of Reece University -- an online series of hosted courses that deep dive into the ins and outs of screen printing.

Intended to be succinct-but-packed 30-minute segments, Reece U courses are led by industry veterans to provide transformative insights that will help seasoned pros and eager newcomers alike.

For the first installments, Reece U is offering the following two courses for your benefit:

ROQ.US Webinar #1 -- Monday April 20th, 2pm Central / Noon pacific

“Uncovering The Hidden Cost of Screen Printing”

As business owners we understand profit and loss. We document expenses, we track revenue, and we are constantly looking for ways to become more profitable. However, many times we fail to stop and ask ourselves, “Am I missing something?” Are we failing to account for inefficiencies happening right now on our shop floor that are driving up overhead while eating into our overall profit? In this webinar ROQ US Channel Manager Brian Richards will address how to uncover the hidden costs of screen printing and how ROQ automated equipment can help.

ROQ.US Webinar #2 -- Wednesday April 22nd, 10am Central / 8am Pacific

“Future-Proof Your Business”

The world of business is constantly changing and the garment decoration industry is in particularly going through a time of rapid change right now. From the advancements of digital print technology to the changes in consumer behavior, it is up to us as business owners to see ahead of the curve and make sure our business is able to adapt and grow as our industry and our society change. In this webinar ROQ US Channel Manager Brian Richards will address the changing nature of the screen printing industry, how e-commerce trends are driving businesses to think and act differently, and ROQ automated equipment is uniquely positioned to help you make the transition.

We spoke with Reece Supply Co’s own Don Hartford to gain further details.

What inspired Reece U? What are your hopes for it within the industry and beyond?

Don Hartford of Reece Supply Co: We knew a lot of our shops were temporarily closed, and not by choice, but that does not mean they were not available to learn. We wanted to give them an opportunity to do some of the things they traditionally do not have time for, which is learning about new products and ways to help them gain efficiencies and a competitive edge. The Reece U event is the first time we have built a platform like this for shops to watch live then return for a resource center.


How will Reece U address the current global climate in the wake of COVID-19?

Don Hartford of Reece Supply Co: We know that mulling over the problems will not solve them, we want to get the shops as ready as possible so they can maximize any opportunities they get when we all come out of this unprecedented situation. We have learned to not focus on what the shop needs for their current production and lock in to help give them what they need to be a better company.

To complete your free registration for Reece U, please visit: or click the image below. We’re excited to bring awareness to efforts like these that embody the spirit of #PressOnward and we look forward to learning the profoundly impactful endeavors you’re cooking up too! Keep us posted so we can help add to your spotlight! #ROQYourWay

About Reece Supply Company: Reece’s mission is to offer customers a "Total Solutions Concept" for all sign material requirements. Reece Supply is committed to provide large local inventories, leading edge technology, and total customer support for their valued customers and product vendors. Every employee at Reece Supply's eight locations is totally dedicated to their customers' satisfaction. In the future, their goal will be to continue building dynamic relationships with their customers and product vendors to help everyone grow to their highest potential.




Early on, we made a conscious decision to eradicate the word "customer" from our vocabulary. ROQ.US has no customers -- we only do business with Partners.

A customer is someone on one end of a transaction, but a Partner is a companion. A Partner is an ally.


A Partner is a trusted friend who is invested in the journey with you. That long-term camaraderie is what we aim to provide for our Partners.

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