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Guest Blog: Voices in the Screen Printing Industry - #2

It is our honor and privileged duty to continue bringing a variety of voices throughout our industry to the forefront to have the deepest and the most helpful conversations around critical topics affecting our lives. In efforts to better understand real experiences by real leaders in our field, we reached out to screen printing pro Jennie Livesey of It's a Z Shirt to gain her perspective on the topic of Women in the Screen Printing industry.

ROQ.US: From your experience, what obstacles do you see in the way of more women pursuing careers in screen printing / decorated apparel? Jennie Livesey of It's a Z Shirt: Finding a niche and perfecting it so that you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

ROQ.US What do you hope for women in our industry?

Jennie Livesey of It's a Z Shirt: To be taken seriously as business owners and equipment/supply purchasers. ROQ.US What are some powerful resources you've come across that have helped you become a leading woman in this industry?

Jennie Livesey of It's a Z Shirt: ROQ and Ryonet have always been awesome resources for our business, especially when we were starting out. Not being “old school” or “old boys club” like other businesses treated me in the beginning. The #WomenROQ and Women in Garment Decoration FB groups are both fairly new but have been great resources. ROQ.US: What advice do you have for other women who are curious to enter this business? Jennie Livesey of It's a Z Shirt: Do a lot of research to nail down what you want your business to be. At the beginning we tried a lot of different things and slowly narrowed focus to what we specialize in now. Find outsourcing partners for processes that you don’t do in house. We outsourced embroidery before we decided to bring it in house. Don’t be afraid to say NO to a job! About It's a Z Shirt: It's not just a t-shirt, it's a Z Shirt! The last word in shirts... And the last time you'll have to shop for a promotional item and screen printing partner. Z Shirts believes that communication, quality apparel, technology and great graphics are the right recipe for a product and service that will exceed your expectations. Customization is what they do best in order to cater to your specific needs and tastes. Their success is dependent upon listening to you and applying their creativity to your project. They are capable of producing a range of printed apparel and items including clothing, jerseys/uniforms, signs, banners, graphics and more. They are based about 35 minutes SE of Indianapolis in Shelby County, Indiana. However, they do business across the USA. Please visit and follow them on social media to learn more! We humbly thank Jennie for her openness in sharing her voice to the conversation and we look forward to having many more contribute to this series. Be sure to tune into our next episode of #ROQShopTalk airing Friday featuring the topic of #WomenROQ Movement -- Celebrating Women in Business & How to get Involved. #PressOnward!




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