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Explore Your Future in Print at the ROQ.US Tech Center

1-on-1 Demo at the ROQ.US Tech Center

You’re seeking the pinnacle of digital & screen printing technology and expertise that’ll position You for the highest success at the highest levels with the highest standards of excellence. You’re cordially invited for Your personal 1-on-1 visit to the ROQ.US Tech Center in the Sunshine State: Clermont, Florida. The cutting-edge ROQ.US facility is Your gateway to industry-leading digital and screen printing technology where You can meet Your dedicated ROQ.US Service Team, ask questions, receive actionable guidance, and demo ROQ equipment for free. Here's a quick glimpse of what You can expect during Your visit:

A View Behind the Curtain: The ROQ.US Tech Center and Warehouse

Your journey begins with an escorted tour through our U.S. flagship Tech Center and Warehouse, where You’ll witness where Your ROQ equipment is housed, tested, and/or refurbished before it reaches its forever home, ready to churn out millions of lifestyle-changing prints to come.

Up Close and Personal: Discover the Machines that work for You

Next, explore the wide range of ROQ and Partner-Affiliated equipment on display to perform in the Tech Center where You’ll witness firsthand the compounding power contained at the Press of a button, from ultramodern screen printing, pre-press and post-press, to the new mind blowing burst in digital technology. Enjoy the freedom to tour the machines that pique Your interest at Your pace. Your dedicated ROQ Innovations Partner will guide You through the various solutions on the showroom floor, providing insights into their capabilities, and features, and will answer any questions You may have about why those capabilities and features are critical for getting You to where You want to be.

Dive Deeper into the Digital Domain

For a more profound understanding of our digital solutions, and a premonition of what’s coming, expect 30-minute detailed walkthrough sessions where You’ll delve into the intricacies of the ROQ NOW 100% Digital Printer. Gain valuable insights tailored to Your Business NOW and enjoy tomorrow at the top, and with #ROQEngineered peace of mind.

Phil Alexandre

Meet Phil Alexandre: The Maestro of Digital Printing. Phil will guide You through Your ROQ Digital tour with an in-depth run-through and demonstration.

Your Designs, Your Way: Print On-Site NOW

Print Your own designs on-site on the ROQ NOW to experience Your future print power of customization. Bring Your USB flash drive with designs and test & compare prints to understand the unparalleled quality that ROQ guarantees and never compromises on. Plus, download and print images online to understand the ease and freedom of printing without setups.

Expert Insights: Tips for Success

Phil isn't just there to demonstrate; he's Your guide to success. Benefit from Phil's expertise as he shares valuable tips to drive digital printing business success and learn about complimentary recommended solutions, such as conveyor dryers of fulfillment systems, that will serve Your unique needs with total automation.

Your Blanks, Your Samples: Bring Your Own Favorites

Feel free to bring Your own blanks, samples, and garments for testing. While ROQ.US provides Bella+Canvas blanks, we welcome the opportunity for You to wow Your customers with our printing solutions on the materials that matter most to You and Your brand.

ROQ.US Tech Center

Schedule Your Journey into Excellence

Schedule Your visit to the ROQ.US Tech Center in Florida today. Immerse Yourself in the technology, connect with Digital Printing experts, and take the first step toward transforming Your printing experience & discover why the Future of Printing is NOW.

#PressOnward and thank You for the opportunity to be #YourPartnerInPrint.

Other ROQ Flagship and Partner Showrooms:

North, West, East, and South 🇺🇸 ROQ showrooms are spread nationwide for You to experience industry-leading screen & digital printing equipment in action in person on Your time.

Other ROQ.US Flagship Locations:

📍MADE Lab in Texas

📍Multicraft’s 1907: The Chicago Printeasy in Illinois

ROQ Partner Showroom Locations:

📍 McLogan Supply in California

📍 NorCal Screen Print Supply in California

📍 Reece Supply in Texas

📍 River City Supply in Texas

📍 Ryonet in Washington

📍 Total Ink Solutions in New Jersey

Learn More and Schedule Your Visit to the ROQ.US Tech Center here!




Early on, we made a conscious decision to eradicate the word "customer" from our vocabulary. ROQ.US has no customers -- we only do business with Partners.

A customer is someone on one end of a transaction, but a Partner is a companion. A Partner is an ally.


A Partner is a trusted friend who is invested in the journey with you. That long-term camaraderie is what we aim to provide for our Partners.

As we continue to roll out the green carpet for you, we're honored to introduce you to our current roster of ROQ.US Referral Partners. These industry leaders are valued ROQ.US family members as You are and we're excited to bring You together with them to reinforce the product/service muscle behind your operation.

Distributing Partners

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