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Standout Features of the ROQ NEXT Auto Screen Printing Press that Make You Standout

Close up shot of a ROQ NEXT Automatic Screen Printing Press

As one of the newer screen printing machines on the market, the ROQ NEXT was built with unique features which only exist in the upper echelon of ROQ auto entourage. The vision for the ROQ NEXT came from the idea to combine the chain drive and independent head control of a ROQ ECO with the simple wide-open format of a ROQ YOU, which, along with many other great features, are responsible for a staggering 30% increase in efficiency!

With the NEXT’s XL print models ranging from 6 to 18 colors, print strokes that maximizes around 40”, and digital HYBRID capabilities, it’s built for the diverse single color, multi color, big, small, long, digital, and/or all over print.

With all of that impressive variation, we understand the impact that may have on Your setup times, and the importance of them to stay short so You can maximize Your output and continue to grow Your business. With the ROQ chain drive, individual lifting printheads, Go-To platen functionality, and other game-changing functions, Your setup times won’t just stay the same – they’ll get shorter. Much shorter.

Dual Chain Drive system

Close up shot of a ROQ NEXT automatic screen printing press base and print arms

One of the key features of the ROQ NEXT is its Dual Chain Drive system, which is used to control the direction and the speed of the platens. In comparison to the already top-of-the-line Geneva system that our other presses like the ROQ YOU and ROQ FIT have, the chain drive is even more robust and capable of holding an extremely tight registration.

This means that Your prints will be more precise and You won't have to worry about misalignment. Additionally, the chain drive is faster (up to 1,100 an hour!!) – Increasing Your setup times and production – is incredibly durable, and requires minimal maintenance, making it Your fastest and most cost-effective investment.

Individual Lifting printheads

ROQ NEXT automatic screen printing press with the individual lifting printheads

With the ROQ NEXT’s individual lifting printhead system, each head will pop back up after the print strokes are completed, even if other heads are still down.

This allows You to vary the amount of strokes per head without any interruption, and is especially beneficial when using accessories like the STAMPINATOR or the ROQ IRON. In return, You get to speed up your process without sacrificing Your valuable time with unnecessary rotations.

Go-To Platen Functionality & More

The ROQ NEXT’s Go-To functionality, independent control panels on all printheads, and user-friendly interface, are just a couple of the many excellent features that’ll help take Your business and profit margin to the NEXT level.

With the Go-To platen function, You can easily call any platen to any print head with the press of a button, making Your setups faster and registration for Your NEXT jobs quicker. This allows You to move from one job to another quickly without any downtime, and reduces the risk of any costly and time-consuming misalignment.

And unlike many other manufacturers, with the updated interface on the ROQ NEXT, You are able to control all functions of the press including print strokes for each print head, FLASH and accessory adjustments (on/off/time/etc), and more with just the touch of Your finger.

3-Year Industry-Leading #ROQSolid Warranty

ROQ Technician Darryl Kuebler installing a ROQ automatic screen printing press

The industry's best in class, ROQ Solid 3 Year Warranty

The quality, registration, versatility and speed of the ROQ NEXT is covered by the industry’s leading 3-Year #ROQSolidWarranty, so if something ever were to happen, You can rest comfortably knowing parts, shipping, labor, and Tech travel (when necessary) are all covered – for 3 ROQ Solid years!

Coupled with the ROQ Service Portal, where You can submit service requests and have detailed insight on their status, we’ve got You and Your

operation protected with premier Green Glove Service so that You’re positioned to ROQ Your customers' experience no matter what happens.

See the ROQ NEXT’s print heads in action, get Your personalized ROI for free, and learn how our #PartnerInPrint T-Shirt Labs utilizes the power and ease of the ROQ NEXT to maximize their customer experience and how it’s helped them become one of the most successful t-shirt printing companies here!

Want to talk more in depth about how the ROQ NEXT can help your business? Schedule a call with one of our Automates Equipment Specialists for a 30 minute consultation where they will learn about your exact needs.

ROQ US team member and Automatic Equipment Specialist Brad Potter




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