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You were #BornToROQ.

Welcome Home. YOU FIT in Here.
Constrained by limited funds & space? Not anymore. #ROQYourway into Screen Printing Automation without compromise.

For a limited time (and only while supplies last), You can purchase Your next ROQ FIT starting at $39,995 or Your next ROQ YOU starting at $44,995!

Screen Printing Pro Performance.
Screen Printing Novice Investment. 


How Close Are You 
To Automation?

Expand the right way, the way that FITs YOUr business. Click the button below to learn your score.

Concerned About Automating?

We care about your peace of mind at every step of your printing journey, which is why we co-authored a free ebook on the 7 Worst Fears that Prevent Most Screen Printers from Going Auto so you can hear directly from others in the industry in your shoes and learn how we partner with you to overcome each obstacle.

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Why Choose ROQ?


You believe leading profitable and sustainable business and saving the planet are not mutually exclusive.


You want to belong to a community of like-minded professionals who support each other and vow to be a leader in the Good Side of the Force.


ROQ.US has trailblazed the global textile, digital, & screen printing industries with cutting-edge innovation inspired by decades of real-world application.


Hear what owners of Night Owls Print Eric and Valerie Solomon, who are always pushing and inspiring the screen print world, say to those who are on the fence about purchasing an Automatic Screen Printing Press.


See How It FITs

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Download Our Free Ebook

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Automation In Reach


3 Year ROQ Solid Coverage
Now available on ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryers!

Parts: covered. Shipping: covered. Labor: covered.
*Technician travel: covered.

Connect With an Automated Solutions Specialist for More Details on how You were Born to ROQ!

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