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Review of the 4 New ROQ Innovations Released at Printing United

We are so thankful to have been able to introduce You to four BRAND NEW #ROQInnovations at Printing United including: the ROQ OUT Automatic Fulfillment Machine, the ROQ READY Automatic Pre-Treatment Machine, the ROQ E Self-Contained Screen Printing Press, and the ROQ IMPRESS Automated Transfer Press. In this blog, You’ll get the lowdown on each new piece of equipment to recap the awesome show last week!


The ROQ E marks a groundbreaking advancement in automatic screen printing. It stands out as Your first self-contained automatic press, eliminating the need for an external 3rd part air supply, while maintaining that ROQ quality print Your brand is known for.

With the ROQ E, you can effortlessly #ConnectAndPrint, simplifying setup and operation.

Listen and watch VP of Sales & Marketing Brian Richards review the benefits and features of the ROQ E Automatic Screen Printing Press at Printing United by clicking on the video above.


Your ultimate solution for automated transfer pressing with the ROQ IMPRESS. This cutting-edge machine has redefined the game, designed to handle a variety of heat transfer methods, including DTF, screen print, digital/screen hybrid, vinyl, and specialty transfers.

Say hello to versatility and efficiency in the world of transfer pressing: this powerhouse is equipped to handle Your add-on applications like twill, rhinestones, foil, and more. Using a carousel ROQ IMPRESS, rubber top pallets, and 2 to 3 heat presses, the application of transfers becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

Watch the ROQ IMPRESS efficiently apply SupaColor heat transfers at Printing United by clicking on the video above.


The ROQ READY is Your ultimate ally in the quest for efficient pre-treatment. Offering 8 stations for pre-treating, heat pressing, and flash curing all in one, it significantly accelerates your direct-to-garment production.

Say goodbye to time-consuming pre-treatment processes; the ROQ READY simplifies and expedites the workflow.

Learn who and what the ROQ READY is built for and what it’s able to accomplish from ROQ Automation Advisor Thomas Shaw at Printing United by clicking on the video above.


The ROQ OUT is a game-changer in the world of automatic fulfillment. With the ability to fold, pack, and label, it now boasts a more compact footprint than ever before.

Perfectly tailored for t-shirt production, this machine seamlessly fulfills retail apparel orders, ensuring they are ready to impress your customers and swiftly make their way out the door.

Listen and watch VP of Sales & Marketing Brian Richards review the pros and features of the ROQ OUT at Printing United by clicking on the video above.


Get in touch with us to learn more about these 4 New ROQ Innovations, how they'll help Your business thrive, and their (and other!) show special discounts (available until October 31st, 2023) below.




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