Exile V-Lux Exposure Unit - ROQ US
Exile V-Lux Exposure Unit - ROQ US
Exile V-Lux Exposure Unit - ROQ US
Exile V-Lux Exposure Unit - ROQ US

Exile V-Lux Exposure Unit

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The unique vertical design of the V-Lux Exposure unit allows for simple and easy loading and unloading of a screen, using integrated rails to maintain the proper exposure distance from the LED light source.

The unit is built with computer-to-screen in mind, and when combined with EXILE’s Spyder system ensures high quality results. Just insert the screen, press a button (or use automated mode) and your screen is exposed with the correct spectrum of UV light.

Lead Time: 6 Weeks

V-Lux – 35.25” x 16” x 51” (895 mm x 406 mm x 1295 mm) | Weight: 100 lbs (45.36 kg)
V-Lux XL – 62” x 18” x 64” (1574 mm x 457 mm x 1625 mm) | Weight: 230 lbs (104.32 kg)

  • Designed for Computer-to-Screen
  • Lamp life of 50,000 hours or more
  • Optimized UV LEDs for low energy consumption
  • LCD Touch Screen for fully automatic or manual operation


Power Requirements: Auto Switching 110 VAC/220 Auto Switching 110 VAC/220
VAC, 50/60 Hz, 650W Max VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1300W Max

Operating Temperature: 50°F – 95°F (10°C – 35°C) 50°F – 95°F (10°C – 35°C)

Storage Temperature: 40°F – 122°F (5°C – 50°C) 40°F – 122°F (5°C – 50°C)

Operating Humidity: 35% – 75% Non-Condensing 35% – 75% Non-Condensing

Operating Mode: Auto/Manual On/Off Auto/Manual On/Off

Exposure Setup: 4.3” Color Resistive 4.3” Color Resistive
Touch LCD Touch LCD



Outside Dimensions: 35.25” x 16” x 51” 62” x 18” x 64”(including door, fan (895 x 406 x 1295 mm) (1574 x 457 x 1625 mm)
cover and casters)

Operating Dimensions: 33.5 +2” (900 mm) for fan 48” x 60” (1219 x 1524 mm) for fan spacing and max for fan spacing and max screen width (H and D can screen width (H and D can be the same) be the same)

Max Screen Size: 30” x 40” (760 x 1016 mm) 52” x 60” (1321 x 1524 mm)

Weight: 100 lbs (45.36 kg) 230 lbs (104.32 kg)



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