Understand New Ideas Through Empathy

#UNITETogether empowers and reinforces a collective commitment to embrace and celebrate all that makes us unique and demonstrates that all are welcome, valued, & heard.

Take The Pledge to U.N.I.T.E. Together
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We are holding ourselves accountable by regular industry check-ins, team meetings and quarterly meetings with partners.

We are furthering education as a team via books, documentaries, and the testimony from those directly affected.


We welcome and encourage conversations with everyone in our industry with the intentions of building bridges between communities and creating a warm and safe environment for everyone in our field through continued conversation, mindful marketing, outreach programs & feedback.

U.N.I.T.E. Together In Action.


Work with outreach programs, and partner with diverse non-profit organizations, to gain actionable insights and encourage career diversity within our team internally and externally and help to orchestrate career paths for marginalized groups.

AAPIA Support
LGBTQIA+ organizations and companies
Boys and Girls Club
Chambers of Commerce
Small Business Administration
Disability Programs


Here is your direct line to share your opinions and insights with us so we may monitor progress and maintain open communication.

Documentaries // Books // Resources

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Up Next On Our Watch/Read List

All Proceeds to Go Directly to the #UNITETogether Scholarship

The #UNITETogether Scholarship Fund shall be held at a minority-owned financial institution.
Each year, a diverse and inclusive panel shall elect who shall be awarded the annual scholarship.

It is our hope that this scholarship will facilitate new and impactful relationships and mentorships within the
printing/apparel industry for many years to come.


Hold ourselves and each other accountable and lead educational and healing initiatives to build and reinforce healthier and more welcoming ecosystems for our industry and our industry’s influence.


As the #ROQTogether movement continued to spread the message of diversity, inclusion, equality, tolerance, acceptance, and compassion within the apparel industry, it was quickly decided to remove all branding from the badge and open the door even further to welcome as many people in as possible, regardless of company or industry affiliation. Along with a diverse group of industry leaders, we carved down the pledge to a simpler, more concise, and more direct pledge to Understand New Ideas Through Empathy. May we All #UNITETogether 💚🤘


We would love to showcase any and all of our featured partners, no matter your background.

We look forward to expanding and strengthening our relationships with partners from all backgrounds, such as those listed below. Please reach out to us with any questions and/or helpful ideas to further these bridge-building efforts.
We value your participation and insight and we thank you for choosing to #ROQTogether with us all!