The Deduction Limit is $1,050,000

Use this awesome deduction on new and used equipment. Your equipment must be financed/purchased (and put into service) between January 1, 2022 and the close of business on December 31, 2022.

The Spending Cap
on Purchases is $2,590,000

This limit is the max that can be spent on your equipment before the deduction available to your company begins to reduce dollar-for-dollar. This is a special opportunity for small businesses as companies that spend more than $3,630,000 on equipment aren’t permitted the deduction.

Bonus Depreciation is 100%

An advantage for new and used equipment, Bonus Depreciation is usually taken after the Spending Cap is achieved.


The ROQ Fit may be your first auto or the ultimate companion for your larger press.


Built to Fit, built to print, built to last, and built to blast you to the next level in your business. Automate your way into screen printing with a press that’s not only fast but has a smaller footprint than other autos and is super easy to learn.

Add additional capacity and flexibility for your shop alongside your larger machine(s) to do simple jobs, one color prints, sleeves, tags, and more.

Deduction Before Tax Savings : $36,000 |  Cost Savings : $7,560   |  Lowered Cost After Tax Savings: $28,440



Upgrade your NEXT press with the ROQ NEXT, built with unique features that only exist in high-range ROQ machines. Its characteristics are responsible for a 20% increase in productivity, featuring XL print models, individual head lifting system & AC driven servo rotation system.

Deduction Before Tax Savings : $36,000 |  Cost Savings : $7560 |  Lowered Cost After Tax Savings: $28,440


In a high-quality production screen printing shop, having a consistent and powerful conveyor dryer is just as important as your press.

The ultimate in efficient and reliable curing, the ROQ Sahara™ Conveyor Dryer features an array of customizations to optimize this dryer for your specific shop needs.


Take full advantage of your 38 inch to 71 inch wide belt option with powerful water based and plastisol curing optimization, or make this dryer work double by adding a split-belt with variable widths, and independent speed/direction controls.

Deduction Before Tax Savings : $56,000 |  Cost Savings : $11,760   |  Lowered Cost After Tax Savings: $44,240



ROQ presents a comprehensive automated pre-shipment solutions suite that may be purchased together or individually. The versatility of the modular system empowers you to build your premiere Folding, Packing, and Labeling system one step at a time. 

Exponentially increase productivity and save your hard-earned dollars by automatically folding up to 700 pieces per hour -- any kind and shape of clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos ( short or long sleeves ) trousers, skirts, dresses, etc. Whether as a standalone function or in conjunction with the ROQ Fold, picture what being able to pack 1,200 pieces per hour without needless labor expenses could mean for your bottom line.

Deduction Before Tax Savings : $150,000 |  Cost Savings : $31,500 |  Lowered Cost After Tax Savings: $118,500



With a Lotus Holland EVO system, your screens are cleaned fully. Ink removal, stripping, degreasing, rinsing, and drying. Within a few minutes, the screens are ready to be coated again.

The Lotus Holland EVO screen cleaning system consists of a machine, a cleaning product for ink removal and a cleaning product for emulsion removal. Lotus EVO cleaning systems operate with non-volatile, 100% biologically degradable chemicals.

As a result, Lotus EVO screen cleaning systems are the best environmentally friendly and operator-friendly automatic cleaning systems!


Deduction Before Tax Savings : $63,000 |  Cost Savings : $13,230   |  Lowered Cost After Tax Savings: $49,770


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