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“ROQ automation enabled us to increase our efficiency and speed while decreasing employee headcount and labor costs.

Scaling fulfillment is labor intensive, costly, and challenging, especially during the peak holiday season. Investing in technology to streamline your business is necessary to grow efficiently and increase your profitability.

It’s also just as important to invest in technology from companies like ROQ that you can rely on and trust will always be there to support your business' needs.”

~Jed Seifert, Co-Founder, Stakes Manufacturing

“Going from manual to my ROQ auto was the best decision I've ever made. I was a bit hesitant at first for a number of reasons... cost, manageability etc. but it was a very smooth transition.

With the training provided, we were able to get going right away and didn't miss a beat. With the training provided we caught on pretty quickly and learned a lot in the 3 day training.

We felt we had a full handle within a week! DO IT! It is a game changer and it will change your business. The growth we've seen is unbelievable. Once you have a ROQ, you will never go back.”

~Victoria Jones of Inbound Ink

"We made the switch at the same time we acquired another screen printing company. The combination of both shops had us at 24 machines, but the switch allowed us to reduce the entire operation from 24 machines to 15 ROQ machines.
I don't think we could have ever done it without the ROQ machines. Once we went to ROQ, we weren't going back to our relationship with our previous manufacturer. It just isn't going to happen. I would never make that change back, even if they gave me free machines.”

~Josh Merrell of Liquid Graphics