It's with great honor and excitement that we introduce the #BreatheHappier Campaign.

Combining the power of our partners, we're thrilled to present a different view of our healing future. #BreatheHappier is screen printing's answer to assist in providing and protecting mental health when we need it most -- now.

ROQ Honeycomb Aluminum Platen - 30x49in | ROQ.US Automatic Presses

Print Happiness.Print Your Happy.

By using the innovative new Face Mask Platen, produced by our friends at Action Engineering, we can use our ROQ screen printing presses to print empowering messages and uplifting symbols directly onto the face masks themselves -- the same way we’ve done for decades on t-shirts!

Perhaps no one knows the true influence of symbols and messages and the #PowerOfThePrint more than our industry. Symbols build and unite our tribes and transform outlooks.

While we could print masks ourselves, we want this to be about all of us. You know your region and circles far better than we ever could. You know the ideas that speak directly to your local interests and that can have a profound ripple effect on how the #BreatheHappier Face Masks move people.

This is our moment - our paradigm shift.

Together, we can literally and figuratively change the face of face masks and change the face of healthcare! And besides, who wouldn’t want to #BreatheHappier?

We’ll continue to update this page with your photos and videos as you send them to us. We look forward to seeing how you make #BreatheHappier your own and how you’re affecting real healing in your community! #PressOnward