How Close Are You To Automation?

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In the meantime, we invite you to tune into ROQ Shop Talk: The Screen Printer's Podcast below and reach out to an Automated Solutions Specialist with any questions to help you #PressOnward.

ROQ Shop Talk

The ROQ Shop Talk Podcast brings a live interactive experience with and for our Partners and Supporters like You across North America to discuss screen printing tips and trends, decorated apparel industry leader interviews, product features of the week, and random-but-related thoughts on current events in the field.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to deliver them.”

-Galileo Galilei


First things first -- Women don't need anyone to say it for it to be true... but it's our honor to say it, yell it, and support it loudly... #WomenROQ!
As more and more Women enter and lead the screen printing industry, we're thrilled to give credit where credit is due. All you amazing Women in decorated apparel are our Heroines and we thank You for the privilege to honor You!
#WomenROQ is all about putting a much-overdue and much-deserve spotlight on the Women who are ROQ'ing this industry and who are constantly innovating and changing the game for us to learn from and follow.


To continue bringing a variety of voices throughout the decorated apparel industry to the forefront, we are honored to unveil #ROQTogether, a collective movement to inspire, encourage, implement, and embrace diversity and inclusion within the apparel industry and beyond.