You’re ready to launch your decorated apparel dream rocket ship into orbit and the stakes couldn’t be higher. You don’t have time to lose to clunky equipment or disjointed systems. You need and deserve a self-sustaining and supported solution that you don’t have to worry about. For over 35 years, ROQ has trailblazed the global textile, digital, & screen printing industries with cutting-edge innovation inspired by decades of real-world application.

The ROQ press fleet streamlines the most time-consuming aspects of screen printing and drastically reduces environmental impact while turbocharging overall production at significantly lower cost. With the release of ROQ.US, you’re stationed to join the ranks of the fastest-moving, most versatile, and ultimate competitive garment printing market in the galaxy. When you build on sand, you drift away with the tide. When you build on ROQ, you propel from a solid foundation of integrity coupled with dependable automation for years to come.


We envision a greener planet and garment decorating industry (both literally and figuratively) where ROQ machines are used to build a movement of innovative communities who create amazing products, generate monumental economic gain, and have tons of fun doing it.


To manifest paradigm-shifting innovation for our apparel industry partners who aim to launch their businesses into hyperdrive with ROQ-solid integrity.



Provide Solutions | Operate With Integrity | Collaborate | Don't Settle | Serve | Be Positive

Provide Solutions: We find and create solutions to provide better systems, better jobs, and better lives for our industry’s workforce.  

Operate With Integrity: We begin by understanding ourselves better to better understand and affect the people and environment we work in and our larger community.   

Collaborate: We partner with you and demonstrate openness and transparentvulnerability to encourage and reinforce that everyone, will forever have a seat at the table with us.    

Don’t Settle: We always strive to improve every aspect of what we do. We will not settle on mediocrity. We challenge ourselves and those around us to be better, to get uncomfortable, and embrace creative reconstruction to co-create our best world.  

Serve: We are dedicated to approaching everything in our business from a place of grateful and humble service. We bring partners and organizations together. We freely share educational information with everyone.  

Be Positive: Our optimism is grounded in realism and a commitment to finding the possibilities in any situation and we pledge to act with kindness, empathy, respect, and with gratitude in all our interactions.