ROQ Dry Evolution Quartz Flash Dryer with Smart Probe - ROQ US
ROQ Dry Evolution Quartz Flash Dryer with Smart Probe - ROQ US
ROQ Dry Evolution Quartz Flash Dryer with Smart Probe - ROQ US
ROQ Dry Evolution Quartz Flash Dryer with Smart Probe - ROQ US

ROQ Dry Evolution Quartz Flash Dryer with Smart Probe

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If you integrate the ROQ Evo Quartz Flash Dryer technology to your ROQ equipment you'll never scorch a shirt, over flash ink, or damage a platen again. With integrated controls, the Evo Flash communicates directly with the ROQ brain to relay the curing temp and dwell time of the print to achieve accurate and consistent flashing in the quickest time possible. The ROQ Dry Evo's Smart Probe technology reads the temperature of the print and communicates it back to the motherboard, which allows the press to maximize its production and minimize mistakes caused from scorching. The ROQ Dry Evo Quartz Flash with Smart Probe is perfect for the ROQ You, Eco and Oval models and the special effects flock and foil options that are available for the ROQ.

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"When we purchased our ROQ presses we were given the options of evo or eco flashes. We Took a couple of each, but I have always liked the concept of having a flash with a temperature probe. I quickly fell in love with the evo flashes. We print a lot of fashion blanks, such as tri-blends. There are certain brands of tri-blends and certain colors that scorch so easily. Once we had installed Evo Smart flashes on all our presses, the scorching problems went away. As long as we make sure the temperature probe is over the ink (Remember to move it for sleeves or odd placements) we have had scorch free shirts. These flashes cost a little bit more, but you will save way more in the long run by not scorching shirts. Triblends are expensive!"

– Brett, Printed Threads

"Everything about the EVO is amazing, and I only wish we'd sprung for two at the time of purchasing our Roq. The probe has been a lifesaver, and it allows us to print as fast as possible without over- or under-flashing our bases. I think a nice feature would be a memory for temp settings, which would be especially useful for 100 percent polyester gear."

– Justin, Strange Planet Printing

  • Special medium wave length quartz lamps for extremely fast heat up.
  • Airflow keeps both flash cool and is ideal for water based inks.
  • Complete integrated operation with ROQ Automatic Presses.
  • Host (press) commands for on/off. No Prox sensors to fail.
  • Both convection and radiant heat transfer to pallets.
  • Selectable heating "zones."
  • Models available from 12,1000 Watts to over 25,000 Watts.
  • Built-in temp sensor.
  • The flash reads the temp of the garment and adjusts heating time according to desired surface temp. Speeds up automatically as pallets warm up.
  • Head rotates 90 degrees.
  • Can be operated in Portrait or Landscape orientation.
  • Extendable head. The housing can be extended or retracted from base to best-fit drying needs.
  • Available in 1 phase and 3 phase.
  • Flash area - 20”x28”
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