With great excitement, we're launching our first podcast, ROQrs! Beginning next Thursday, May 28th, at 1pm PST, our first weekly episode of ROQ Shop Talk goes live! 

"You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to FOLD 'em..." ~Kenny Rogers

ROQ.US's folding machine, the ROQ Fold is a game changer for your textile folding service.

We've arrived, ROQrs! Today is the final day for design entries to be considered for the first every official design for the #WomenROQ t-shirt. 

We currently have 2 awesome designs in the running and you can still enter as long as we receive your entry before tomorrow!

If you're in the market to make an exponential return, compounding your production with your ROQ yields some quite imPRESSive numbers. 
Being able to remain connected during (and after) this unusual time is very important to us and we're thankful to live in a time when it's possible to do so. Getting to share your journey is a privilege that isn't lost on us and we thank you for the opportunity. 
To kick off this #MotivationMonday off right, we've assembled a compilation of quotes and images that embody the foundation of what #PressOnward is all about. We hope they inspire you as they do for us and we'd love to hear some of your favorite inspiring thoughts as well! 
Slant Engineering's Stampinator 480 is a powerful wolf in sheep's clothing. Being able to fit seamlessly and discreetly on your ROQ, the Stampinator combines multiple shop-saving functions in one mammoth machine. By incorporating this in-line heat press, you will reach full automation with your screen printing automatic press and you'll be able to jump from 20 shirts per hour to a head-shaking 480 shirts per hour -- all within the confines of your current setup. 

Thanks to all who joined our latest #WomenROQtailParty last night! In case you missed it, our next one is on May 20th -- be sure to RSVP here!

Thunderous applause is due for our official #ROQSolo winner Kyle Logan @logansworld for his astounding 20 shirts loaded/unloaded in 60 seconds! The Force is strong with you, Sir, and now because of your light speed, you've earned your $1,000+ contract job! 

Jedi just hear today's the day the official winner of the #ROQSolo competition will be announced? Look inside yourself. You know it to be true. 

Later this #StarWarsDay, during our pre-Cinco de Mayo #WomenROQtailParty, the winner of this interstellar pod race shall be declared and shall receive their earned $1,000+ contract job! 

For thousands of years, the beginning of May has been celebrated around the world to honor and rejoice in the promising seasonal change before us. 

As countries around the world and states across America continue to flatten the COVID-19 curve, we'd like to offer a toast to you, a toast to our community, and a toast to your mission thriving in the coming months. 

The countdown is on for your official $1,000+ contract job through our #ROQSolo Contest! Final entries must be posted no later than May 3rd so we can officially announce the winner during our #WomenROQtailParty this coming Monday, May the 4th (be with us) at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Your time is now, noble ROQr!

Big congratulations are in order for #HereForGood's Founding Shop Tiny Little Monster and the awesome Z Shirt Custom Printing for winning the Face Mask Platen Design competition! These designs and others like them are making your communities #BreatheHappier and we're thrilled to witness and support your efforts!

One of our treasured new #WomenROQ members, Katie Reinhart, proposed an idea that we LOVE! She asked, "Soo who’s making tees for this amazing group 💕💋?" To which we reply, that's our new contest! 

As more and more of us #BreatheHappier, ROQ'n Screen Printers like you will be getting orders to print on cloth masks. In order to provide you with the best solutions for these upcoming needs, we've teamed with one of our partners Action Engineering to offer you a suite of Face Mask Platens that fit seamlessly with your press. 

One of our most powerful muscles that we have to flex is our ability to learn new strategies to reinforce our skills and broaden our potential. One of our ROQ Star Partners, Reece Supply Company, is embracing the times before us and transforming them into actionable opportunities with their unrolling of Reece University -- an online series of hosted courses that deep dive into the ins and outs of screen printing. 

Intended to be succinct-but-packed 30-minute segments, Reece U courses are led by industry veterans to provide transformative insights that will help seasoned pros and eager newcomers alike.

It’s with great honor and excitement that we introduce the #BreatheHappier Campaign. Combining the power of our partners, we’re thrilled to present a different view of our healing future. #BreatheHappier is screen printing’s answer to assist in providing and protecting mental health when we need it most -- now. By using the innovative new Face Mask Platen, produced by our friends at Action Engineering, we can use our ROQ screen printing presses to print empowering messages and uplifting symbols directly onto the face masks themselves -- the same way we’ve done for decades on t-shirts!
One of our Heroes of ROQ, Sloan Coleman and her partner Jenny Rearick of the awesome print shop in St. Louis, Tiny Little Monster, recently faced the daunting challenge of what COVID-19 has brought upon them and their community and transformed it into a powerful message that spawned a colossal movement that indeed solidifies their truth that they are #HereForGood.

Alliteration always alerts and allows audial accessibility. It's certainly true for us. It turns out there's some fascinating science behind this too! But we digress, today we'd like to begin a sporadic-but-regular tradition we're calling #FeedbackFriday. 

"It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable." ― Moliere