Introducing the MADE To ROQ Automation Workshop

Introducing the MADE To ROQ Automation Workshop

ROQ.US is excited to announce our first LIVE screen printing class specific to ROQ automation. 

Thanks to our ROQ Sales and Tech Teams along with our partners at MADE Labthis new ROQ-centric automation workshop will shirtly kick your shop's gears into hyperdrive. 

Date: June 16th and 17th (*with a FREE Bonus Screen Makin' Class the afternoon of June 15th).

Location: MADE Lab: 500 E Broadway, Fort Worth Texas, 76104

Cost: $399 per ticket. General Registration Here. Use the ROQ.US exclusive "100roq" discount code to instantly save $100 on the class!

Who’s MADE TO ROQ for? 

  • The business owner growing an automated shop wanting to optimize production and prioritize overhead investments.
  • The small auto or manual printer out-producing capacity needing to automate areas of production.  
  • The production manager looking into efficiency gains in processes and equipment for the future. 

What’s happening during the workshop? 

Wednesday Pre-Game: Screen Makin' Class 

We’ve coupled the MADE TO ROQ Workshop with a lead in afternoon screen making class with Dave Makin from Saati. This free add-on sponsored class runs from 1pm - 5pm at MADE Lab and covers best practices and professional tips in mesh selection, emulsion selection, coating, exposure parameters, Wax CTS and Laser Exposure, and washout and reclaim. It all starts with the screen, and if you really want to ROQ, you’ll take advantage of this free bonus to start Makin' Screens with the best of them. 

Sponsored by Saati and Reece Screen Supply 

Register for this free course (

Thursday - MADE TO ROQ 

Morning - Setting up your shop for success.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in, and day-out." ~Robert Collier


  • Workflow and Shop Layout
  • Staging Garments and Supplies
  • Screen Optimization
    • Artwork Layout
    • Screen Timing
    • Job Carts
    • Ink Prep
    • Pre-Inking
  • On Press Registration Optimization 
    • ROQ Reg PRU or CTS Workflow
    • ROQ Reg Pallet Workflow
    • System Calibration 
    • Troubleshooting Variances 

Hands On 

  • Setting up competition. Who’s the fastest in job setup, strike off and tear down?  MADE Lab and ROQ.US staff will be available to assist with questions or issues during the exercise. 
  • How it works.
    •  Game planning. The class will split into teams each with a leader.  Teams will have 15 minutes to outline their roles and process. There will be a leader of each group which will help the group define and write out the process A-Z of what happens during setup, strike off and take down, each person takes a roll or rolls in the process. 
    • Timed production. Each team will be timed on setup and completion, the team who completes the competition first gets bragging rights and first dibs and lunch and happy hour. 
    • After production review. Each team will review performance and take notes as to how they will improve during the next attempt. 

Lunch (winning team goes first!) 

Afternoon - Tour of Printed Threads and Dialing in your Press. 

  • Settings of the ROQ machines 
    • Pressures, Angles, Speeds 
    • Proper Squeegees

Settings Pertaining to Ink / Systems

Water Based


  • Flash Settings
    • Iron / Speed
    • STAMPINATOR / Pressure and Programming YOU vs. NEXT/ECO/OVAL 
  • Print Orders
    • Strategy Adjusting Print Order
    • When to Multi-Print and How To Optimize when you do
    • Saving A Job 
  • Pallets
  • Pallet Change outs, pallet carts and racks. 
  • Different types of sleeve pallets
  • Neck tag pallets
  • Dryer 
  • Probing
  • Setting Recipes 

Hands-On Operation 

Printing - Get on press and print a job on RQO YOU and ROQ OVAL PRO. 

  • Load and Unloader vs. 1 Loader
  • Job and Ink Maintenance 
  • QC Process On Press and After Dryer 


Morning - Running the Marathon 

Maintenance ROQ Solid Performance “On Press”

Spend time with Sr. ROQ Technicians covering maintenance questions and tips before and after the ROQ Solid Warranty.

  • Scheduled Maintenance 
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Maintenance Calendar
  • Parts List and After Warranty Parts  List 
  • Cleaning 
  • Shop Moves

Morning Break 

The Business Side of Automation - In Classroom 

If you step back from production and the craft of screen printing you start to see the entire business side of your operation. From when and where to invest, to calculating your costs through KPI and DPI measurement, we will dive into how to look at your business through a new lens. 

  • Automation ROI
  • KPI’s / DPI’s
  • Bench Marketing 
  • Planning 


Afternoon - Advanced Printing on Press & Finishing

Take a special effects project from start to finish including special effects designing and separation, sales strategy and pricing, and on press printing and operation.  

  • Artwork Optimization and Separations 
  • Selling Special Effects 
  • Special Effects Prints Modes On Press
  • Printing Hands On 

Finishing To Win

Nothing happens until the shirt ships, and the more shirts you print, the harder that becomes. We’ll dial in steps from manual workflow to basic and advanced automation in order to lay out your post press and fulfillment to ROQ.  

  • Folding
  • Tagging
  • Bagging

Final Q & A