ROQ Foil Automatic Foil Application Machine

When You want to Foil Your Screen Printing Plans

Foiling plans typically carries unsavory connotations, but this is one case where foil can instantly separate yourself from your competition. Being able to offer special effects to your customer base puts you at the top of mind when it comes to advanced garment decoration -- a quickly growing demand. Being able to automate your foil effect process cuts out the guesswork and ensures pristine quality for each print.  

The revolutionary ROQ Press Foil automatic heat press station and foil application is a time & money saving solution for your automated garment decoration. The traditional cumbersome foiling process is arduous and takes multiple steps that come with a hefty price tag in labor and overhead to produce. The ROQ Foil removes this from your expenses by automating the foil application process directly on press, inline with the screen printing job. This also means that your foil will be applied precisely and in tight registration around plastisol ink which would be virtually impossible without this inline foil system. The ROQ Foil also allows for up to two colors of foil to be applied simultaneously. 

This gorgeous Foil print comes in from Zome Design -- @zomedesign

Zome Design Instagram ROQ Foil


Handle Multiple Colors Seamlessly. Decorate intricate foil designs with multiple colors of ink and foil.

Plastisol or Water Based Compatibility. Unlike many foil operations which have to use water base, the ROQ Foil can apply foil around any ink. 

Quick Setups. Quickly setup the foil machine with any ROQ Eco or Oval and in an open station of a ROQ YOU XL.

Taking advantage of this technology will undoubtedly give you and your shop an additional competitive edge in capability, price, and profit. #ROQYourWay & #PressOnward!