ROXY -- the official ROQ.US Tour Bus

The ROXY Reveal: Debuting the ROQ.US Tour Bus

Follow ROQ.US President Ross Hunter and Dallas MacKay of Opake Screen Printing as they prep and reveal "ROXY" -- the official ROQ.US Tour Bus.

Shout out to our Partners: Advanced Screen Print Supply, WooHoo Screen Print Supplies, Vastex, NorCal Screen Print Supply, InkTech, Ryonet, Reece Supply Company, Northwest Graphic Supply Co, Lancer Group, River City Graphic Supply, Tubelite. We look forward to seeing you on the road!

To follow the tour, follow #ROQUSTour on social media and write to if you'd like to request a stop in your town!

#ROQYourWay & #PressOnward!