Breathe Happier with ROQ US

ROQ US Face Mask Face Off -- Face Mask Platen Comparison

As more and more of us #BreatheHappier, ROQ'n Screen Printers like you will be getting orders to print on cloth masks. In order to provide you with the best solutions for these upcoming needs, we've teamed with one of our partners Action Engineering to offer you a suite of Face Mask Platens that fit seamlessly with your press. 

For ultimate flexibility, the Universal Face Mask Platen presented by Action Engineering for ROQ.US is your face mask decorating skeleton key! Designed to accommodate any cloth mask type for your ROQ Press!

The Form-Fitted or Flat-Fitted options will be your go-to for those larger print areas. 

For quick reference, Ryonet's Ryan Moor made this brief video demonstrating how each mask type fits on the Universal Face Mask Platen.


And for a more in-depth review of how to print your Face Masks in automated mode on your ROQ press, check out this clip:

Please let us know if you have any questions and let us know how you're helping your customers #BreathHappier! 

#PressOnward & #ROQYourWay!