Slant Engineering Stampinator 480 with ROQ US

Stampinator: Rise of the Curing Machines

Picture the scene. You're settling in for the day ahead. Your manual heat press operator is plugging away and nailing 20 shirts each hour. But suddenly, you receive several large rush orders seemingly out of nowhere and you don't have any additional space to add another piece of big equipment in the space you're currently in. Enter, the Stampinator.

Stampinator 480

Slant Engineering's Stampinator 480 is a powerful wolf in sheep's clothing. Being able to fit seamlessly and discreetly on your ROQ, the Stampinator combines multiple shop-saving functions in one mammoth machine. By incorporating this in-line heat press, you will reach full automation with your screen printing automatic press and be able to jump from 20 shirts per hour to a head-shaking 480 shirts per hour -- all within the confines of your current setup. 

Stampinator 480 with ROQ US

With reliable precision every time, the Stampinator empowers you to offer premium add-ons like rhinestones, twill, foil, and more. The laser-like heat transfers, flawless curing, expert stamping & matting fibers, clean stamping of the under base, and screen printing numbers, vinyl, and cad-cut, will 24-X your production without any loss of quality your brand is known for. 

Stampinator on a ROQ Press

Whether paid-in-full or financing as low as $75/month with CIT, the Stampinator 480 is one of the swiftest and most efficient ways to drastically reduce your labor costs while significantly boosting your revenue and it offers outrageous ROI potential even within the first year, depending on the size of your operation.  

Slant Engineering Stampinator 480 with ROQ Automatic Press
As an auto press Owner or Owner-Hopeful, there's no doubt you're well aware of the benefits of automating your production. Your Stampinator is the irresistible icing to your ROQ automatic press's delicious cake. Enjoy your hard-earned dessert. 

If you have any questions about how the Slant Engineering Stampinator can eliminate needless expenses and add tremendous potential to your business's bottom line, please call 1-87-ROQ-IT-NOW (877-674-8669) or email with the subject: Stampinator and we'll be in touch right away.